Video: Yoga Finalists Reveal Why They Compete

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When we first published videos and photos from this year's Yoga Asana Championship it started a huge debate over whether there is room for competition in yoga.

The majority—actually, damn near all of you, felt that the competition was the farthest thing from yoga and that the competition itself went against the very meaning of what yoga means.

We heard it all: from the competitors not really being yogis—just glorified gymnasts, to disgust toward the competition in general, to straight up hate commenting toward us for supporting such a "disgrace" to the community by posting the photos and videos in the first place.

In the video below via Shape Magazine, they went behind the scenes at the 10th Annual USA Yoga Asana Championship in New York City to get the scoop on why these yoginis have taken their practice to a whole new level. Find out what the 2013 women's first place winner, Gianna Purcell, and three women finalists had to say:

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