Watch: Michael Franti Releases "Same As It Ever Was (Start Today)" Post-Gardner Killing

Like much of the nation, yogi musician Michael Franti was shocked by the killing of unarmed civilian Eric Gardner. In response, Franti decided to do something, releasing his new song "Same As It Ever Was (Start Today)," a powerful song for peace.

"When we used to have a problem we used to call the police," he sings at one point of the song, "but who we gonna call when the police make a problem?"

via Rolling Stone:

Franti said that the song is not an indictment against police officers or police departments. But he thinks officers should be held accountable when they make wrong decisions and innocent lives are lost.

"When the decisions to indict police officers are repeatedly denied behind the closed doors of a grand jury and the people are not brought to justice in the public eye of a court room, it breaks all of our trust and it reinforces the idea that there is little or no accountability when it comes to the police killing of African-American men and other people of color," he said. "That their lives are worth less than the lives of others.... It is not due process, it is not just, and it is not acceptable. If that's what the law says, then I believe it's a law that should be changed."

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Do you like Franti's new song? Do you think that it's time to rebuild America's relationship with the police?