Weekend Vegan Challenge: Your Plant-Based Meal Plan Delivered

By Emilie Berner for FurtherFood

You’ve heard the benefits of ditching the meat, eggs, dairy and going clean with a plant-based diet.

Have you always wanted to try going vegan, but been too daunted to try? Or are you already plant-based and looking for new inspiration?

We’re here to help! We’ve crafted an easy-to-follow vegan meal plan just for you.

Whether you're trying plants for health reasons, moral considerations (baby animals are the cutest!), or you’re already vegan and looking for new ideas, here’s some great recipes for you!

Anyone can go vegan for a weekend! Challenge yourself to something new.

Day One: Friday Night

Dinner: Powerhouse Red Lentil and Butternut Squash Soup

Who knew soup could be so filling? This is a one-pot wonder features lentils, butternut squash, and carrots! With warming spices like turmeric, coriander, cumin, and cinnamon, it’s got plenty of flavor, protein, and fiber. Serve it with a piece of crusty bread, or over some cooked quinoa if you’re looking for even more protein power.

Dessert: Raw Vegan Brownie Bites

Going vegan doesn’t mean giving up dessert. Sweetened with dates and coconut nectar, these no-bake brownies will have that sweet tooth of yours satisfied in no time. Best of all, they’re rich in flavor, easily transportable, and packed with antioxidants!  

Meal prep for tomorrow: Freeze a few peeled bananas for tomorrow’s breakfast!

Day Two: Saturday

Breakfast: 5 Ingredient Banana French Toast Smoothie 

Get all the satisfaction of french toast, with none of the eggs! This smoothie features coconut milk and bananas, with all the warming french toast spices. It’s creamy, dreamy, and pairs well with these No Bake Vegan Hemp Energy Balls. Take a few of these energy balls with you wherever you go this weekend so you’re ready to fight off hunger pangs!

Lunch: 5 Minute Spicy Tangy Kale Salad & Tasty Baked Tofu 

Going to be out all day? Headed for a full-time hike or picnic? Throw this five-minute salad together in the morning for an easily transportable and refreshing lunch. The jalapeños in the salad are packed with antioxidants, which promote eye and skin health, but if you’re not into spice, just substitute them with a bell pepper. With a side of this Tasty Baked Tofu this is a meal you could climb mountains with!

Meal prep for tomorrow: Make some extra tofu to integrate into some of your meals for added protein when you feel you need a boost!

Dinner: Avocado Sushi Rolls

Turn Saturday night into sushi night! This recipe calls for sliced avocado as the sushi filling, but you can get creative with additional vegan options such as mango, cucumbers, carrots, quickly sauteed mushrooms, scallions, or even that tasty baked tofu you made for lunch. Invite some friends over for a DIY sushi party!

Dessert: Vegan Peach Pudding

Whip this dessert up before your guests arrive and store it in the fridge for a quick and fresh finish to your sushi night. The cashews and coconut magically create that creamy pudding texture, while the lemon zest brightens it up. Top it off with antioxidant-rich berries, or some chopped almonds for added flavor and crunch.

Day Three: Sunday

Breakfast: “Mochi” Pumpkin Pancakes and Vegan Bulletproof Coffee 

Sunday morning isn’t the same without pancakes and coffee! Luckily, you can be vegan and still enjoy these pumpkin beauties. With no gluten or sugar added, they’re sure to fill you up without the energy spikes you might get from those regular flapjacks. Furthermore, adding coconut to your coffee will increase your energy and alertness for the rest of the morning!

Lunch: Sesame Cilantro Soba Salad 

This soba salad is both filling and flavorful. With surprising ingredients like strawberries and fava beans, you’ll enjoy the variety of ingredients and nutrients. Still got some of that tasty tofu left over? Toss a few cubes in here for the protein bonus.

Dinner: Creamy Tahini Enchilada Bake 

You’re almost done with your weekend vegan challenge! Are you starting to crave meat and cheese again? If so, this dish is sure to satisfy all those cravings. With a “cheesy” tahini sauce, rice, beans, and veggies, you’ll stay full, and have great leftovers for your week!

Dessert: Coconut Lemon Cookies

These shortbread-like cookies have a great buttery mouthfeel, without the butter! They’re chewy, delicious, and bursting with lemony coconut flavor.

Starting off Monday Right!

Feeling good? Want to try one more vegan meal? Start your monday with this Protein Packed Breakfast Smoothie. It’s got rockstar ingredients like almond butter, spinach, and berries. Turn it into a smoothie bowl by adding toppings like goji berries, chia seeds, or hemp hearts, and dig in!

Hopefully this meal plan has shown you that following a vegan diet can be easy, varied, and delicious. Best of all, you’ve now got great vegan leftovers to keep you going all week long!

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