WERKSHOP Launches Designer High-Performance Fitness Leggings


What if your workout clothes were so sexy and fun that you wanted to wear them everywhere?

That was the question that WERKSHOP founder, Chriztina Marie, asked herself six months ago when she started to lay the groundwork for what would become a seventeen piece collection of high-performance fitness leggings. Here she talks about her project, kickstarter, and the future of WERKSHOP clothing.

Q&A With Chriztina

Why did you start WERKSHOP?

About seven months ago, on a hot summer day, I went to hang out with a good friend of mine in the city. I was dressed to the 9’s, wearing my favorite pair of ‘fashion’ leggings and simple day dress. After a while, he and I decided to go for a walk to a nearby café for lunch. This little walk evolved into a three-mile trek that I would soon regret. I came to find out that while the ‘fashion’ leggings looked awesome … they were definitely not designed to move in. I was incredibly uncomfortable and spent the rest of the day wishing that I could either take a shower and/or change my clothes. That was when I decided to take the concept of high-fashion leggings and make them functional. As a fashion designer and self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast, it made perfect sense to me to bring the two ideas together.

What makes WERKSHOP different from ‘fashion’ leggings?

The problem with most ‘fashion’ leggings is that while they look great, they are not designed for an active lifestyle. They are usually made with cheap fabric, and have an uncomfortable elastic waistband. What I have done is take the art and excitement from ‘fashion’ leggings and combine it with everything I love about premium active wear. WERKSHOP leggings feature premium Olympic-Quality fabric as well as flatlock seams, a hidden pocket at the waistband and a diamond gusset at the crotch to ensure a flattering and comfortable fit. (These are things that you never see in ‘fashion’ leggings or even most standard yoga pants.)


Where did you get the artwork?

I created all of the original artwork myself. I spent weeks illustrating the sugarskull, tut, quetzal and window designs. One style, the New Zealand leggings, is actually from a photo that I took with my iPhone while I was in Queenstown for my birthday this past year. Then I decided to round out the collection is some licensed photography that I adore. I wanted to be sure to offer something for everyone … there are 17 designs available at launch – so many options to choose from!

How can someone purchase WERKSHOP leggings?

Right now, we are launching the company through kickstarter. Kickstarter is a new platform for people to support and help independent designers establish creative businesses. How it works is someone can “pledge” an amount to the project … and then at the end of the campaign, they will receive a survey where they can tell me which style(s) they want as well as their size. Everything will be custom made-to-order. We decided to use kickstarter because I could offer the leggings direct-to-consumer at a more affordable price as well as lay the foundation to build a community of like-minded people who want to live happier and healthier lives ... and, of course, look good while doing so ;)

What happens after kickstarter?

Once the campaign funds, I will first fulfill all the orders placed via kickstarter. Then, I will immediately begin developing new product. I have over twelve years of experience working as a designer and product developer within the apparel industry; I cannot wait to expand on this concept. I plan to offer full-length leggings, shorts, tops, sports bras, outerwear, and also menswear by this time next year.

The kickstarter campaign can be found HERE

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