What Your Favorite Yoga Outfit Says About You

While it’s whats on the inside that counts, your clothing choices are a fun way to express your personality and try out new things. 

The same goes for your yoga gear. Gone are the days when everyone wore Lululemon and called it a day. With the rise of “athleisure,” or athletic apparel worn in non-athletic scenarios, more and more people are embracing the various styles associated with yoga. 

So what’s your go-to fitness outfit? Are you a fan of the funky, tribal-printed harem pants, or are you a classic black-on-black kinda gal? Regardless of your “yoga style,” our clothing choices tend to reveal some fun shades of our personalities. Check below for our fashion prognosis. 

Multicolored/printed pants with bright top: You’re a playful practitioner. 

You’re the kind of girl who laughs when she falls out of headstand. When it comes to working out, you want something that helps reflect your bright and fun attitude. Fitness doesn’t have to be serious, but instead can be used as a tool to help ignite your inner fire. You’re a life-lover who brings excitement to all those around her. When you’re in the yoga studio, the positive energy is positively palpable, and everyone wants to bask in your prana.

Try: These fun prints from Teeki and Lily Lotus

Harem pants and mala beads: You’re a spiritual warrior. 

You love learning about the history and philosophy of yoga. You know that harem pants originate from the dress-like tunic called Dhoti, and that mala beads were used in prayer by the Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikh cultures. Adapting to the style of traditional yogis helps connect you to the true essence of yoga. You believe in living in the moment and spreading compassion, and you’re great at handling unexpected changes. Keep on at it, little yogi—your spiritual style is spreading the peace. 

Try: These hand-crafted, Thai-inspired harem pants from One Tribe Apparel 

Cotton jumper: You’re a cozy yogi. 

In between a cup of chamomile tea and your lavender-scented bath, you head to Yin, where you cuddle up in your favorite cozy yoga clothes and savor that final savasana. You see yoga as a place to unwind after a long day, and know how to appreciate the calming effects of an evening practice. You’re also likely a great friend, daughter, partner, and sister, and someone who knows how to provide comfort when the time is right. Your ideal night is spent with close friends in intimate settings, and you can’t say no to a cute café. 

Try: This one piece, racerback jumpsuit from Nordstrom

Black yoga pants and tank top: You’re a woman-on-the-go.

Black yoga pants are you fave piece of clothing because you can literally pair them with anything. Heading to lunch after a late morning sesh? Simply add a pair of boots, a cute top, and you’re good to go. You’re not ashamed of wearing your yoga pants to a party (they make your butt look good anyway), and you know how to match them with your favorite heels. Besides, you’re a busy lady, and don’t have the time to fret over clothing options. Your day is spent full of meaningful tasks, contributing to the world, and getting s*** done. 

Try: These basic but trendy leggings from Beyond Yoga

Bathing suit: You’re an outdoor enthusiast. 

Why practice yoga indoors when you can do it on a dock or the beach? You like to feel free in your yoga practice, and that means doing it in as little clothing as possible. You also understand the value of nature, and relish in the salty air, calm breeze, and every other blissful sensation that comes from Mother Earth. And while some people say you do it for the Instagram likes, we know the truth: you’re simply a nature-lovin’ gal who wants her to skin to see the sun. Nothing wrong with that, sister. 

Try: The swimwear from Mika Yoga Wear

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