What Your Saturday Night Says About You

Saturday nights have a reputation for being filled with fun, adventure, and possibility.

Even if you don’t work a typical 9–5, there’s a special energy that comes along with the Saturday. Many of us use this as a time to explore our passions, unwind, or reconnect with our friends. 

And while hitting the town is a pretty popular weekend activity, it’s not always the first choice for yogis. What do you spend your Saturday night doing? Soaking up a sound bath, or indulging in a midnight practice under the stars? Regardless of your pick, we’ve go some analysis on what your Saturday says about you. 

Kirtan: You’re a mystic mama.  

Saturday night is all about nourishing your spiritual side. You love congregating with your fellow yogis to participate in some harmonizing chants and mantras, and always leave feeling compassionate and peaceful. Your friends admire your ethereal nature, and often come to you when seeking life advice. You try not to sweat the small stuff, and work actively to be your best, kindest self. 

Try: A sound bath or evening yin. 

Brew Asana: You’re a playful practitioner. 

To hit the bar or practice yoga—that is the question. Luckily, breweries and yoga studios are teaming up to make that decision much easier. You love the social environments of these beer and yoga events, and always end up leaving with a few new friends. You’re social, curious, and can transform even the most mundane activity into a party. When it comes to looking for new adventures, your friends are likely to hit you up before anyone else. You know that life is short, and are always looking for new ways to live it to the fullest. 

Try: A dance yoga class. 

Goddess Circle: You’re a soulful sister. 

The weekend is the ideal time to gather your girls and celebrate femininity. That’s why you indulge in a goddess circle, or mini-ritual among your fellow friends in order to declare intentions, discuss life, and reconnect with your true selves. You’re great at bringing people together, and know how to cheer a friend up when she’s feeling down. Relationship problems? You’re the go-to girl for advice. You also know how to create a sacred space—those ceremonies take some planning! Bonus points if there’s a new moon. 

Try: An evening tarot card reading.

Camping and Yoga: You’re an outdoor enthusiast. 

Come Saturday, you’ve got your car packed and your bag loaded with yoga gear and trail mix. You see the weekend as a great time to escape the hubbub of the city and reconnect with Mother Nature. You like to feel free when practicing yoga, and there’s nothing more liberating than flowing under a canopy of stars. You’re independent, brave, and compassionate towards living things. Lucky for you, it’s a big world out there, and you’ve got plenty of places to explore

Try: A sunset hike.

Staying In: You’re a cozy yogi. 

Ah, a Saturday night in—there are few things more relaxing. You’re so over FOMO, and relish in your alone time. For you, an ideal Saturday night involves utter relaxation. You don’t let what others think of you dictate your decisions. Your friends admire you for “doing your own thing,” but you still have very intimate relationships with your loved ones. Snuggle up, cozy yogi! We know you’re going to hit that early class tomorrow. 

Try: A yoga practice and sleepover with a good friend.

How do you like to spend your Saturday?

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