What Your Studio Says About You

We all have our preferences when it comes to how we get our sweat on.

For some of us, that means a thrilling episode of AcroYoga in the park. Others may dig a heart-pumping hour of CrossFit, and some unwind during long walks on the beach. 

Regardless of your fitness vice, your studio tends to say a lot of about you. Here’s what we’ve broken down about your yoga practice. 

Hot yoga studio: You’re a detox queen. 

For you, working out is about letting go. When you head into your practice, everything else goes to the wayside. You know the importance of this one hour, and you aren’t going to spend it by worrying about to-do lists or what you might have accidentally said in that one email. Instead, you’re going to relax your mind, work your body, and sweat it out. Hot yoga not only demands strength, but also focus, endurance, and flexibility. You like to walk out of practice feeling lighter, both physically and mentally–even if that means an immediate post-practice shower. 

Other workouts to try: Hot pilates, Bikram, Moksha

Retreat in the woods: You’re a spiritual warrior. 

Yoga is more than a form of exercise; it’s a way of life. When you’re in a yoga practice, you’re first and foremost focused on the mental benefits. You’re one with nature and your favorite class playlist is to the soundtrack of a babbling creek. In your mind, there’s nothing better than a yoga retreat in the woods, as it allows you a few days to connect with your practice, Mother Nature, and fellow yogis. Who needs coffee? You're energy comes from fresh mountain air and the late night hum of wild crickets. 

Other workouts to try: Yin, Kundalini, other themed yoga retreats (surfing, creative writing, etc.) 

Surfing: You’re an outdoor enthusiast. 

Who says you need to spend money on a studio membership? The world is your gym! You can turn any neighborhood into a running path and any mountain into a hike. You see opportunity around every corner, and you aren't afraid of a challenge. To quote Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, “there ain’t no mountain high, and not valley low, and ain’t no river wide enough.” 

Other workouts to try: Paddle-boarding, mountain biking, rock climbing. 

High Intensity Interval Training: You’re an adrenaline junkie. 

If you’re working out, you want to feel it in your heart. You like intense workouts that give results. Your fridge is probably full of healthy treats, and you could paint a picture of the Whole Foods salad bar from memory. You also love community, and enjoy seeing your friends when you work out. You’re great at motivating others, and have superhuman endurance, strength, and dedication. 

Other workouts to try: CrossFit, Krav Maga, Beachbody 

It changes every month: You’re a dabbler in diversity. 

You’re the one in the ice cream studio sampling every flavor, you never have a consistent shopping list from Trader Joe’s, and your closet is filled with color. Life is too short to commit to one practice; you want to try them all! Sometimes you’re in the mood for Vinyasa flow, and other days you feel like a run on the beach. You probably love to travel, and test out all the fitness programs different cultures have to offer. 

Other workouts to try: You’ve already done so much, so it’s time to try something really out there. Consider a trapeze class, adult tumbling, or Bollywood dance classes.

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