What Your Yoga Mat Says About You

Your yoga mat is something like a best friend. 

It’s always there for you, provides comfort, and helps bring you back down to earth. With all that time you spend with it, your mat is essentially an extension of yourself.

Which brings us to our new theory: your yoga mat can say a lot about you. 

Printed and thin? Thick and dark blue? Recycled or made from cork? Regardless of your preference, this flat little piece of your practice is all about you. Let’s hear what it has to say. 

Printed or Artistically-Inspired: You’re a playful practitioner. 

What’s with all the plain yoga mats?! You’re not one for anything monochrome, but instead go after things inspired by funky patterns, art, and landscapes. You see your yoga mat as a canvas for both your body and your practice. It’s hard for you not to add some dance elements to each session, as you love adding little twirls and flicks to make your practice unique. Outside of the studio, you’re lively, carefree, and always adding spark to someone’s day. 

Try: These whimiscal printed yoga mats from Sankalpa

Eco-Friendly: You’re an outdoor enthusiast. 

Mother Earth deserves our love, down to our food choices, our cleaning products, and our preference in yoga mats. This is why you gravitate towards mats with a mission. Whether it’s made from recyclable goods, all-natural rubbers, or cork, you’re focusing on the big picture. When you’re not practicing you’re often finding other ways to nourish your love for the earth, such as long hikes or starting a garden. 

Try: Barefoot Yoga's eco-friendly mat, voted number one yoga mat by the New York Times

Transportable: You're a woman-on-the-go.

You love yoga. You love moving through the air, connecting with your higher self, and savoring a moment of peace. That being said, you’re not really a fan of lugging everything from office to airplane to subway, and are getting sick of the strap knots developing in your shoulders. Enter your best friend: the transportable yoga mat. You know the value of traveling light, and tend not to get weighed down by material objects. What truly matters are experiences, and finding them wherever you go

Try: This foldable and light mat from Gaiam

Extra-cushiony: You’re a cozy yogi. 

You like your yoga practice like you like your bed and sweaters: comfortable. You know the importance of caring for your body, so you like to opt for things that make you feel nourished. Not to mention how you help others; You’re a total inspiration to your friends who need a little more TLC in their lives! Everyone appreciates your radiate, tranquil energy. (Especially after your Yin practice.) Keeping sending out those good vibes. 

Try: The super-thick Manduka Yoga Mat Pro

Hot Yoga Mat: You're a sweaty sister. 

You know that movie Some Like it Hot? Yeah, they were talking about you. When you’re working out, you like to be challenged and invigorated. You're always looking for a hot class, and often end up pouring those toxins out of your body and onto the mat. This is why you need something that works with your goal-oriented mindset. You don’t mess around, and neither does your yoga mat. When things get too intense, your inner strength enables you to tackle the challenge at hand. 

Try: This hot-specific, absorbent mat from Unqiue Fitness

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What's your favorite type of yoga mat?

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