What Your Yoga Teacher's Daily Diet Looks Like


I made a resolution to eat even healthier in 2013 and turned to one of my favorite yoga instructors for some insight on her daily diet.

I am pretty fascinated by what other people put into their bodies, especially those who need to be on point as a part of their day-to-day routine. I met up with Los Angeles yoga instructor Jamie Horgan to find out what she keeps her kitchen stocked with and diet rules she lives by. Check out our Q & A below!

NW: What are 8 foods always stocked in your fridge or pantry?

Jamie's necessities include...

1. Raw cashews

2. Alkaline water

3. Apples

4. Kale and other greens

5. Fish or other lean proteins such as chicken (free-range)

6. Herbal and black teas

7. Apple cider vinegar

8. Pickles & Sauerkraut (fermented foods are extremely good for digestion – you just have to be careful with the sodium intake)

NW: What are your “go- to” eats for each meal?

Jamie's typical day...


>>Banana or apple with a handful of nuts


>>Egg whites and sliced tomatoes


>>Baby mixed greens with spinach topped with cherry tomatoes, diced cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, quinoa, oil and vinegar.

>>Spring rolls made of rice paper, salmon sashimi, pickled ginger, jicama, romaine lettuce, avocado slices, and peanut sauce for dipping (homemade by heating organic peanut butter, oil and Indian spices blended together. Honey can be added to taste).

>>Homemade soup made of vegetable broth, cabbage, ginger root, spices, chicken (always free-range J), bean sprouts, basil leaves, and mushrooms.

>>Kale salad with pine nuts, freshly sliced strawberries, shredded carrots, raw red onions, dried cranberries, and raspberry vinaigrette.


>>Seasonal fruit

>>Raw nuts

>>Fresh juice (from juicer)


>>Grilled or baked salmon with brown rice and steamed vegetables.

>>Grilled chicken breast with a baked potato and mixed green salad.

>>Ahi tuna marinated in a sweet teriyaki glaze with brown rice and sliced avocado.

NW: Besides water, what are you drinking during the day?

JH: Coconut water, mamma chia (high in omega oils, excellent source of fiber, contains antioxidants, protein, vitamins and minerals) and kombucha (gingerade is my favorite).

NW: Best piece of information you've learned about diet and nutrition through the years?

JH: That we actually need calories! Calories are energy. If we are exercising or practicing yoga, we need those calories for energy in our workouts. However, it matters what foods those calories are coming from. Calories from Cheetos chips and calories from nuts are very different.

Also, fats are good! Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats can actually help with burning fats stored in our bodies. It’s unfortunate that we associate fats in our foods with gaining weight. Saturated fats (found in junk foods) will do that.

Another great piece of information is that carbs are good too. As with all foods, it just depends on its source. For example, fruits contain carbs, but fruits are good for our heart and contain lots of vitamins and minerals. The carbs from fruits metabolize differently than carbs from processed foods like bread and pasta.

NW: Any diet rules you live by?

JH: To not diet, just eat right, and portion your meals. Eat whole foods that are labeled as one word. For example: chicken, broccoli, carrots, beets, etc. Reading labels is very effective in deciphering whether or not a food you are eating is whole. If you see any words that sound like science terms, than it’s not a whole food. It’s been processed with something else. Our bodies are not designed to digest processed foods. By doing so, it forces our body to work harder, and can disrupt our internal rhythm.

NW: Favorite recipes to share?

JH: I don’t typically cook with recipes; I prepare my meals to taste.

NW: Any other nutrition tips that have come in handy?

JH: Lemon water is not only a diuretic (flushes excess water out), but it also cleanses the liver.

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