Why I'm Traveling 2,000 Miles for Hanuman Festival


The weather is getting (a little bit) warmer here in Brooklyn, and this means summer will be here before we know it.

There’s really nothing I’d rather do in the summertime than hit up a great yoga festival, and my intuition always tells me which ones I need to go to. The Hanuman Festival is one that’s definitely worth traveling the distance for. When I have so many good feelings about one event, I know I need to be there! Here are the reasons I’m flying across the country to Colorado for the Hanuman Festival:

I go where the high vibe is: 

The Hanuman Festival’s tagline is “Raise the Vibration,” and that alone gets me amped up. This is the type of festival where you can literally feel the positive vibration pulsating through the air. Yoga classes, great music and a community coming together to celebrate all that is beautiful in the world? I mean, come on. Sign me up.

Boulder is ridiculous:

I’ve been looking for a reason to get back out to the magical land that is Boulder, and Hanuman is the perfect excuse. Every time I find myself telling someone how awesome Boulder is, I start to wonder why I don’t live there. It’s breathtakingly gorgeous, and there’s a crazy amount of awesome stuff happening in the realm of health, wellness, natural food, yoga and sustainability. I almost can’t handle how good it is. Did you know that according to legend, apparently there’s a “curse” haunting Boulder, causing travelers to be enchanted by it and unable to leave? Yep. Makes perfect sense.

The awesome array of inspiring teachers:

Being able to experience and practice with a variety of incredible yoga teachers all jam-packed into one weekend is one of the reasons I love yoga festivals. There are gems of wisdom to be picked up in every class, from every teacher, that we can bring into our own lives and share with others. Each class serves as a doorway to something profound, and having access to so much wisdom at once is enough to make my heart just burst. At Hanuman, I’m looking forward to classes with Tommy Rosen, Rod Stryker and Kathryn Budig, just to name a few.

Trevor Hall and MC Yogi:

Who would have ever thought I’d be rocking out to spiritually-laced music? These guys do it right. I have a positivity playlist on my phone that’s heavy with Trevor Hall and MC Yogi music right now—it just puts a pep in my step and makes me feel excited to be living (try listening to MC Yogi’s Sun Light or Trevor Hall’s Brand New Day without smiling). There’s nothing like listening to live music that makes you feel uplifted, surrounded by beautiful nature, with a bunch of blissed-out yogis. Talk about a healthy high.

The powerful community:

It’s always so transformative when a community gathers to focus on growth, healing, practice, connection and making a positive impact in the world. I honestly think this is the best type of fun you can have. There’s a sense of openness, playfulness and heart-opening vulnerability in this type of gathering that leads to meaningful connections being formed. Plus, there’s something about the Colorado air (maybe it’s the altitude?) that makes the collective energy feel light, vibrant and alive.

Sound good? Thought so. See you at Hanuman!

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