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Sadhana | A Poem via the Poetry of Yoga

I wrote the following poem as a contribution to the Poetry of Yoga – enjoy!


I have crossed this

Earth as

a student and didn’t see you

as a teacher

and could not conjure you

I lifted stone

and stepped in soil

I have chanted your name

and breathed the techniques

practiced the particulars

that are mentioned in texts

representing you

I have found these beautiful stones

placed them on the altar and dedicated

it all to you

I have picked up fallen petals

and plucked new ones

all for you

I watch the moon

and feel the breath and a mudra

one that tastes you

I have been tired and not rested

and I’ve fallen in the darkest depth

I have danced and sat

been brave and a coward

have stolen and given my all

Animals, children and people have loved me

I have believed them all

and none of them

these years seem so short

a yesterday, at best

The Poetry Of Yoga (Vol. 1), a contemporary anthology compiled and edited by yogi and spoken word poet HawaH distills 333 pages of heart-wrenching poetry from over 1,500 pages of submissions originating from 16 countries.

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