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Write For Us

The YOGANONYMOUS mission is to provide a space for yoga enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes to express their thoughts have their voices heard.  We welcome and appreciate contributions from our quickly growing digital community and we would love to invite you to join our crew.

Have something you want to say? Here’s what you need to know:


>> While we are primarily a yoga based site, that does not mean you are limited to that subject specifically. As long as your submission adequately provides our community with insightful commentary—be it negative or positive, so long as it is sufficiently explained—around anything remotely relative to our environmentally conscious, forward thinking, music loving, spiritually inclined, equal rights raging, culturally rocking, healthy yogi readers, we want to see it.

>> Keep it real. Your blog should naturally flow using the same language and tone you would use while telling a story to your friends. Reading it out loud before you send it will help.

>> Original content is not required but always encouraged. If your work has been published elsewhere, please receive permission to re-publish the content on our site , let us know and be sure to include a link to where the post originated. By submitting your article you are giving us the right to publish it on our site.

>> YOGANONYMOUS reserves the use right to anything we publish at any point in time, in any form. By submitting your work you give us use rights in perpetuity.

>> While we can’t pay you for your work, we can offer you the opportunity to see your work published and edited on a professional platform, the freedom of having your voice heard, the good fortune of connecting with like minded people, and the chance to touch the lives of the members of our quickly growing digital community. Our content is often shared and cross syndicated on various other leading community blogs and websites as well, increasing the exposure of each of your offerings to the masses.

>> We don’t require a word count however depending on the subject, posts average anywhere between 300-1000 words. Do it justice without overdoing it. Remember that however it flows naturally is the best way to write it but don’t assume the reader knows exactly what you are talking about. Simply detailed explanations are best.

>> If your writing includes something that will need an external link please include them in your submission email. We will always try first to include internal links where relevant but if there is anything outstanding that you know is needed please just include the links at the bottom of the post and let us know where they go. Please do not insert the link into the submission yourself as sometimes it doesn’t properly transfer over to the HTML code on the site.

>> We reserve the right to edit submitted material. Your work rocks, and we are so incredibly grateful for it, and we will never change extreme amounts of the content without contacting and working with you first. Most often this applies to grammar and format.

>> Pictures – If you have photographs you would like to use and you own them, great! If you have photographs that you don’t own but would like to use please include a link to where you found them. Depending on the licensing of said pics we may or may not be able to include them, and if we can’t we will find something we can use.

>> Lists and Top 10 (or another number) posts always do well, ie “10 Ways Yoga Has Changed My Life” “Top 10 Songs To Pump You Up”.

>> Checking out the other blog posts on YOGANONYMOUS will help you get a better idea of our audience and help you to tailor your post as you then see fit. This is not to say that if you have something you have never seen done on our site you shouldn’t submit it (we’re open to it all).


>> YOGANONYMOUS is the only word throughout the entire post that should be all caps, all the time.

>> The numbers one through nine should be spelled and 10 starts numeric digits. Try not to start sentences with numbers.

>> Use a ‘double s’ for possessives. (Charles’s) This deviates from AP style but is recognized when writing online.

>> The title of a book, song, movie, etc. should be italicized not put in quotations. (Whipping Post, The Allman Brothers)

>> Please use only single spaces after periods or other punctuation at the end of a sentence.

>> Title and the featured image are everything. Try to come up with a great title, and if you have a stellar pic to use please send it over (adhering to the guidelines for pics above). Titles are subject to change under the editor’s supervision but will always be generated from the body of work.

>> Keep it personal- why do you feel this way or that-a personal experience tying you to what you are expressing through written word. Speak from the heart, people can sense when you aren’t-even over the internet.

Spreading the good word:

The most popular articles (the ones with the most pageviews, facebook “likes”, comments, etc.) on our website will recieve the most exposure on our site, newsletter, and social networks. Below are some tips to help you get the word out.

>> Please include links to your work featured on YOGANONYMOUS to any personal blog or website you have.

>> If you have a YOGANONYMOUS author landing page, include the URL in your email signature, personal website, social networking channels, etc.

>> When your post goes live, please post to FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. and use tags when appropriate. The more people who see your post the better it is for your exposure and ours, the more people that come to our site, the more who will see read your article. Send it out through email to your family and friends, start promoting other writers whose work you enjoy on our site, and surely others will promote yours-start engaging in or build a new social community this way.

>> Engage readers by asking questions, ask for opinions, comment where appropriate, and stay humble.

>> If the blog you have written includes a specific product or book, etc., email the company or author with the link, and include all of the corresponding handles and tags while promoting.

>> Submitting your post to bookmarking sites like reddit, StumbleUpon, and Digg is a surefire way to increase traffic.

>> Comment on other people’s blog posts and include a link to your own if it’s relevant!

Don’t be shy! Social media is there for us to use!

Still with us? Nice! Here’s how to submit your post:

>> Email your post to

>> Please include your working title in the subject line.

>> Please do not copy and paste your post into the body of the email, send it over as a attachment.

>> Pictures should be sent as attachments. YouTube and other videos can be as links.

>> Please include a bio and be sure to send over all of the links to social sites and websites you would like to include within.

>> Please send a headshot as an attachment.

>> If your post has been accepted, please expect a response within 3-5 business days.

Thank you so much for your interest in contributing to our digital community. We look forward to connecting with you further and adding your voice into the mix.