X-Ray Yoga: What Exercise Looks Like from the Inside Out


You probably never imagined taking an X-Ray with you to yoga class.

That's ok, you don't have to - someone else already did. via Bari Lieberman for Refinery29 Hey yogis, your spinal cord is showing. We stumbled upon a video (made by Hybrid Medical Animation a few months ago) that hits the right note, today: It combines a graceful yoga flow (in honor of National Yoga Month) with a skeleton simulation — because we’re already excited for Halloween, obviously. This x-ray animation of a body in motion is a breathtaking intersection of exercise, science, and art. The imagery of a skeleton performing asanas found in a typical yoga class — including tree, crow, and a backbend poses — showcases yoga in a way we've never seen before. (Take that, naked yoga.) It also serves as a de facto anatomy lesson. And, from all of us who are still working on our balance, we appreciate the virtual skeleton’s tree-pose wobble. Keep reading  [Refinery29]

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