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Yoga and Business: Four Tips to Keep You Mindfully Productive

There is a fine line between business and yoga, and straddling it is not always the easiest thing to do.

By nature we yogis are nurturing people, who like to give, give, give. And when it comes to business sometimes it can be to our detriment.

Cole Imperi the owner of Doth Brands, a creative agency that primarily serves the health, wellness, end-of-life and deathcare professions. She serves the community as a board member of several organizations and non-profits, is a noted designer specializing in branding and identity and custom typeface design, and counsels small to midsize businesses on strategic planning, partnerships and inbound marketing.

Here are four tips from Cole herself on how to fun a business mindfully:

1.) Responsibility. Keeping track of who is responsible for what is imperative, not only so that each person is aware of what their obligations are, but this way if something goes awry it can be promptly fixed.

2.) Talk about money. People in the yoga community give so much, but their time is also valuable. By running a happy, healthy, solid mindful business you are helping the yoga community as a whole.

3.) Timelines. Be clear about time. When do you want things to start and end? This will also help improve the standard for the industry.

4.) Boundaries. Mindful business means you know exactly what you want. Boundaries will help you become more efficient with your time.

Mia Park is the only certified ParaYoga® Level I instructor in Chicago. She is passionate about sharing the transformative power of yoga and draws on the ParaYoga® lineage to weave together chanting, pranayama (breathing exercises) , asana (poses) and meditation to illuminate the best in each student. ParaYoga® is an authentic lineage of yoga that is as much a spiritual practice as it is physical.

We spoke with Mia about about her experience, experiences, upcoming trainings, lessons and more. Mia says that she is a spiritual force, communicating the highest good—Dharma Code.

Listen to the whole show right here! What’s your Dharma Code? Knowing it, having that higher purpose, will make you a better business person:


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