Yoga as an Alternative Addiction Treatment?

Many who suffer from addiction are able to admit that they have a problem and are currently working to overcome it.

Some individuals have a hard time embracing and continuing the recovery process, even after spending hours in therapy and trying assorted programs that are offered by rehabilitation centers.

Yoga is a holistic approach to helping people overcome addiction. It makes sense, especially since yoga is a form of meditation that helps individuals to get in touch with their mind, body and spirit. 

Yoga is an ancient science that has only recently become an important component in various drug rehab centers. We already know of the benefits of yoga and how it helps to increase strength and flexibility. Over the past few years, more drug rehab centers have added yoga programs and with good reason. Yoga is all about focusing and controlling impulses. What better way to control the reflex of using by introducing a habit that is completely natural and exhilarating?

Through the practice of yoga, students learn different structured poses, movements and relaxation exercises. It gives the body release.

As a person becomes a more experienced yoga practitioner, they'll be able to take more control over asana (poses) and hopefully they retain that ability in their own life off the mat.

There's no quick fix to addiction. It's a disease that is often excruciating to overcome and cope with. By practicing yoga, however, these addicted individuals can learn new coping mechanisms, particularly through physical activity and pranayama (controlled breathing).

Yoga tends to help people build their self-esteem and self-confidence. When a person recognizes their own self-worth, they're more likely to fight off addiction. They may learn that they don't need drugs or alcohol to make them whole.

For those who are currently addicted and looking for an approach that can assist with the recovery process, incorporating yoga therapy is definitely worth a try.

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Jennie Reedy is a yoga instructor and anti-drug activist residing in Florida. She recommends Gulf Coast Treatment Center in Florida for those battling with drug addiction.

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