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Prevent the Post-Yoga Class Munchies | 5 Healthy Snacks via FitSugar

Hungry? Have that post asana-kicking snack attack?

Read below for FitSugar‘s 5 Best Post-Yoga Snacks, and pack your favorites to indulge in after class – there’s something for everyone!

You like it raw!

Bananas — You may have noticed bananas to be a popular choice among fellow yogis. The truth is they’re loaded with potassium — a vital mineral for the regeneration of cells and tissues in the human body (oh, and did you know it is also an electrolyte?!). They provide a good source of dietary fiber: about four grams for one large banana. Also, they are sweet and delicious!

Sweet and filling!

Chocolate Peanut Butter (single serve packets) — I am a peanut butter lover! And what happens when you combine peanut butter and dare I say, chocolate? Yes. You get a delightfully nutritious snack with a good source of healthy fats, only about seven  grams of sugar, and a bit of protein! Squeeze it right from the packet and enjoy on the run.

Gimme the protein!

Unsweetened Greek Yogurt — Greek yogurt is loaded with protein! Because of the fact that the extra fluid is strained out of it, it has practically double the protein of normal yogurt; about 17 grams in only 6 oz! Its natural tartness and thick and creamy consistency will satisfy your taste buds and leave you feeling full.

Looking for some crunch!

Carrots - Crunchy, a little sweet, and nutrient-dense! Carry a bag of baby organic or organic whole carrots in your bag for a nutritious and hydrating snack and a good dose of Vitamin A.

Not your average energy drink!

Coconut Water — The most important thing to do after a yoga class (especially those sweaty ones) is rehydrate. Our bodies need water! Coconut water is loaded with electrolytes (potassium!) and has a nice subtle flavor. You will feel replenished and refreshed with only about an 8 or 9 oz glass, so drink up the good stuff!

Don’t see one of your favorites — share it with us!

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