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There’s been a whole lotta drama around the Lululemon legging debacle.

See-thru yoga pants? Pretty much every woman’s nightmare (or is it every man’s dream?). Anyway! Just like a lot of you, I was always a big fan of theirs, but ever since this little bit of news hit the wire, I thought it’d be worth it to try some new places.

In the name of change, I tried over a dozen brands of yoga clothes, including some that a lot of us have never heard of. So, the ones below are my absolute favorites in terms of quality and price. Let me break it down for ya (in no particular order)...

For Hot Classes:  

The Kaya Legging!

The Kaya Legging

Mika Yoga Wear:

If you’re looking for a seriously hot outfit that’s still functional, look no further. I tried their Kaya Legging in addition to two tops. Everything fit true to size, is super flattering, holds up perfectly in the washing machine, and yes, the pants pass the “bend over” test! They’re thin enough while still being completely solid, so the fabric really moves well with your body. Another bonus is, somehow the material has a little bit of “grip,” so arm balances are really fun with these. Especially in hot classes, you really avoid the slip-n-side issues with these leggings.

Worth Noting:

I’m not sure what their secret is, but even the lighter colors don’t show sweat. Take it from a hot yoga teacher—that means a lot!    

Galaxy Long Leggings

Onzie - Galaxy Long Leggings

Onzie: If you’re tired of blending in to the sea of black yoga pants out there, then this company will be the answer to your prayers! I’ve had the most fun with these, I think. Not only are they comfy and fitted perfectly, but the designs are awesome; I can’t get enough. Anytime I wear them, I can’t even keep track of the compliments I get! I really love these for hot classes because of the material. They kind of wick away the sweat which I can definitely appreciate. For almost half of what you pay for other premium leggings, you just can’t beat these in terms of sass. I’m definitely going back for more!

Worth Noting: I spoke to one of the founders on the phone and they really exemplify the phrase “made by women, for women.” Girl power, all the way.

Hot Drop's 'Mary' Shorts

Hot Drop's 'Mary' Shorts

Hot Drop:

I know leggings are kind of the “in” thing right now, but I would really encourage you to try Hot Drop’s line of stuff for hot yoga. I never thought to wear shorts in a hot class, but these changed my mind. They don’t ride up, move around, and you definitely can’t see through them! I tried the Mary shorts, and they really flatter your backside! Who doesn’t want a little of that?

Worth noting: They’re so comfortable I’ve just been wearing them around my house to lounge in. The material is crazy soft! Dual purpose clothing for the win!

For Non-Heated Classes:  

The iconic Warrior Legging!

The iconic Warrior Legging!

Kira Grace:

Tiffany Cruikshank is the face of their company, and that’s who I first saw wearing them. I was happily surprised to learn that they’re not only looks - they have a great fit with soft fabrics. I also tried one of their tops and was equally pleased at not just how beautiful it looks, but how comfortable their stuff is. They make really elegant pieces that will last you a while. I’ve washed my things over a dozen times now and they still look like new.

Worth noting: I wore the Warrior Legging in Azure and these in particular are on the thicker side, so I was too warm during my hot classes. Also, because of the color, when sweating too much (TMI alert!) you can clearly see where you sweat. Again, that's just the color, so I’m positive you wouldn’t have that issue with a darker one.  

Rogiani 3/4 Legging - hot hot hot!

Rogiani 3/4 Legging – hot hot hot!


These 3/4 Sport Band Leggings are probably the “ultimate” premium legging simply because of the price tag. My favorite thing about these babies is the crazy selection of colors they have! They sit low on the waist and really flatter your butt and calves - “sexy” would be an understatement.

Worth noting: You can customize your leggings to get the exact fit according to your individual measurements, which is pretty awesome. I wear these for heated and non-heated classes.  

Renew Elite Lounge - for a cozy day at home or your favorite yoga class.

Renew Elite Lounge - for a cozy day at home or your favorite yoga class.

be present:

These guys have really unique, funky styles. I love their 10th Anniversary Kona pant as well as their Renew Elite Lounge pants. They're the type of pants you never want to take off and wish you had 10 pairs just so you can wear them every day - so comfy!

Worth noting: Don't let the eco-friendly look fool you - depending on which items you're checking out, you'll be surprised at the color swatches available! Clementine, flamingo, and blackberry are just a few of the bright hues they carry.

What’s your favorite legging out there? Which ones do you think should have been added?

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