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200 Hr Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training

Koh Phangan, Surathani

The Details

The yoga certification course is based on the sequence of the Ashtanga Primary Series and the creative flow found in the Vinyasa Yoga style of asana practice (eg. Rocket Yoga Vinyasa).

While the traditional Ashtanga Primary series lays a strong foundation for students, they will also learn and be inspired by various other yoga styles to help develop and sequence Vinyasa Yoga classes.

In these styles, the asana practice focuses on connecting the breath with movements while engaging bandhas (inner energy locks).

By the end of the yoga teacher training course, students will be able to confidently teach a modified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga class suitable for beginners as well as creating Vinyasa Flow sequences.


Jul 4 @ 10:45PM - Jul 28 @ 10:45PM

Haad Tien
Koh Phangan, Surathani
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