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RAHASYA Benefit Kirtan

Houston, TX

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Benefit Kirtan: HELP US RAISE MONEY TO PRESERVE THE AMAZON RAINFOREST! BE BOLD, TAKE ACTION, MAKE A DONATION and share with your friends. Karma is real, generosity is the root source of abundance. It will come back to you… – Love, Surdas and Vajra Amazon is one of the most biodiverse regions left on the planet. It is responsible for a large percent of the oxygen we breathe and the plants that grow there are the basis for many of our modern medicines. Of the 60,000 + plant species in this bio region, less than 3% have been studied by modern science. Many believe that the cures to most of the worlds diseases may still be hidden in this vast tropical pharmacopia. Deforestation of the Amazon is occuring at an alarming rate! Join us not only for the beauty a community Kirtan provides with this beautiful band, Copy and paste the Website for more information

About the Director

Rahasya is the vision of lifelong musicians Surdas and Vajra Yogini. Built upon the foundation of live drum kit, harmonium, and soaring vocals, the music is woven with elements of electronic sounds, sampled instruments, and sonic textures. Rahasya plays festivals such as Bhakti Fest, Bonnaroo, Chantlanta, and Mahabhuta Yoga Festival, and many more. Their tour schedule has them traveling around the US and beyond multiple times per year, leading sacred music concerts, kirtans, live music yoga classes, chanting workshops, and yoga teacher trainings. They also lead international yoga retreats in Peru. Visit for a complete list of upcoming events.

4318 kyle st
Houston, TX



$20 Minimum Donation

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About Dana Shamas
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Fourteen years of practice and intensive study with master yoga teachers inform the teachings of Dana Shamas, founder of Bayou Bliss Yoga - Center for Integrative Healing. Through her yoga practice, she has learned to walk through the challenges of life with grace, and enjoys helping her clients to do the same. Dana began her yoga practice while studying at Bryn Mawr College before moving to New York and London, where yoga helped to keep her grounded after long days at the Goldman Sachs. Later on, she took her practice with her to U.C. Berkeley where she earned an MBA from the Haas School of Business, and subsequently helped to start a variety of socially-conscious companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. In partnership with the practice of yoga, Dana uses the infinitely powerful tool of human breath to help bring about awareness and positive change in her clients lives. Dana is a certified practitioner and trainer with the Global Breathwork Alliance, she leads individual, corporate and group breath sessions, and offers life coaching. Dana wishes to thank her teachers Sharon and David Gannon, John Friend, J.D. Thomas and all of the other beings who have helped her to become who she is today. As a Houston native, she is grateful to be back. Once again serving her home city, and passing on the gifts she has gathered during her life and study.