Yoga Journal LIVE! Yoga Market: New York Vendor Spotlight

We're getting super excited for Yoga Journal LIVE! New York, coming up April 23 - 27. 

Of course we can't wait to practice with our favorite teachers and attend all of the amazing special events, but we're equally excited to shop! That's right, the Yoga Market will be buzzing with some of the best brands offering an abundance of clothing, accessories, beauty products, and so much more. Not sure where to start? We went straight to the source and asked each of these incredible companies to share what they are most excited about offering at this year's YJ LIVE NYC Yoga Market. Happy shopping!

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MINDBODYWe’re excited to check out MINDBODY Connect, their app that over 1 million people are already using to find and book services offered by some of our favorite teachers and studios. Anyone can download it for free, check it out! 

TOMS: TOMS shoes are inspired by the people – from their amazing Giving partners to their community of supporters who make creating positive change a reality. Collaborating and celebrating people who have a desire to inspire and find solutions to address needs is the foundation of our business. What’s new, you ask? Well, a wedding collection, of course! Their new wedding collection has us all wanting to walk down the aisle. 

Ahnu: Ahnu engineers footwear to live by. In every pair, their quality, technology, style and sustainability redefine what it means to be an outdoor performance and lifestyle brand. We can’t wait to try on a pair. 

Iron Strong Jewelry: Iron Strong Jewelry is the only fitness themed jewelry company.  Their designs capture iconic fitness poses which makes it totally unique from any other kind of jewelry. We love their The handstand necklaces, a pose that serves as a humble reminder of life’s many challenges. 

Reene Soulie: Soulié’s mission is to empower women and artisans by creating truly beautiful, handmade yoga and lifestyle products in a way that preserves craft and culture, empowers artisans and creates sustainable livelihoods. We can’t wait to check out their Aurora and Solstice Scarves - each piece is breathtaking and full of color and softness. 

Yogabell: Yogabell has a new product for the New York marketplace! Krikstix is a versatile, effective, patented, yoga prop that can be used to refine alignment in poses; increase strength; deepen expression; and to therapeutically “roll” fascia to improve energetic flow. We can't wait to check out this one-of-a-kind-product at the marketplace. 

BuddhaPants: Buddha Pants is motivated by movement, seeing things organically happen. The passion people have for their fun pant drives them to keep new patterns and colors to evolve. We love that Buddha Pants do not have a seam anywhere in the entire bottom half of the pant, too.

JivaShop: JIVA is inspired by the do-ers & go-getters of the world. The ones who live and move with consciousness and purpose in life & want to look and feel great while doing it! We are all loving their new "I AM" tanks paired with their Stargazer Leggings. 

Bali Malas: Fun fact: Bali Malas was the first company to bring rudraksha seed malas to the United States and to make them a popular adornment/accessory for western yogis. Combining the Shiva (rudraksha) with the Shakti (rudrani) energy  for a perfect balance of male/female, yin/yang, sun/moon energy.  With names like "Beautitude", "Sprite", "Sensibility" and "Happy"  what's not to love?! 

Dharma Yoga Wheel: The Dharma Wheel Helps people around the world to stretch and do backbends - even those who never thought they were capable. Stop by their booth to test out the product that is truly helping and inspiring people to take their flexibility to another level.  

Silver & Sage: Since 2011, Silver & Sage has created simple, natural and beautiful jewelry designs. Finding inspiration from the natural beauty all around, Silver & Sage offers individuals a wearable reflection of their own spirit and a reminder of their own life’s journey. Our personal fave is their Graceful Warrior Mala.

Omega: Omega has just put out their first volume entitled "Transforming Education: Best Practices for Yoga in Schools" of their Yoga Service Best Practices Series. The book is a joint project by Yoga Service Council and Omega. It started in 2014 when 24 leaders in the field of yoga in schools came together on Omega's campus. We can't wait to check it out. 

Born Skincare: There are only two things you need to know about Born Skincare:
1) the way they process their grape seed oil, everything is handcrafted in small batches, they don't use any chemicals refining the oil and they don't extract any nutrients from our oil so they are very rich with nutrients.  
2) Born uses a variety of different types of grapes each with their own unique value and benefits for the skin.

Vyana: Vyana was born from a love of yoga and the HastaPada was developed to assist in bow pose. Shiva Rea saw the first “make” of this belt, placed it over her heart and said; “Helena, you must do this, it is your path”. And so began the journey for Vyana and the best yoga belt ever. 

Satva Living: All of Satva's apparel is made in India and inspired by the vibrant hues of of its culture. This season we are loving the rich and vibrant Spring prints! Satva’s apparel is made from non- GMO, GOTS certified organic cotton, one of the highest certifications for organic textiles. If you can’t catch ‘em at YJ NYC, you can always get your Satva on at Whole Foods Markets nationwide. 

Nicepipes: Nicepipes activewear is designed to keep you warm where your workout crops & tops don't so that you can perform better. Keep an eye out for their new leg-warmers in an electric grape color that is perfect for spring. 

The Essential Yoga Program: Connecting the therapeutic power of nature with a yoga practice, inspired The Essential Yoga Program. TEYP introduces a beautifully aromatic, theme-based workshop series featuring doTERRA essential oils. 

Mahila: Mahila Partnership is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to improving the health and hygiene of women and girls affected by disaster. The Haiti Projects’ “Artisana” bag employs nearly 100 women in rural Haiti, paying them 262% of the average national wage. 

21 Drops: We all know sleep is important, and 21 Drops Sleep blend is their best selling product, because people are looking for a natural solution to this problem, which affects every other aspect of life. The Sleep blend has gone through clinical pilot studies and was proven to be effective for 90% of the people who used it!

Yogi Beans: Founded in New York City in 2007, Yogi Beans is an educational and engaging yoga-for-kids company.  Based out of its Upper East Side “kids-only” yoga studio since 2012, Yogi Beans offers over 25 children's and family yoga classes per week.  Yogi Beans believes that "beans" of all ages are receptive to the energy that surrounds them and are able to have deep connections to their experiences in the world through yoga.

Jade Yoga: Jade makes the world’s best performing and most eco-friendly yoga mats.  Made sustainably in the US with natural rubber, a rapidly renewable resource, Jade mats have incredible grip and comfort.  And, Jade plants a tree for every mat sold – with over a 850,000 trees planted so far. Stop by their booth and roll one out. 

Kira Grace: KiraGrace is on a mission to celebrate women's beauty, strength and grace as they move through life's journeys. Their products are uniquely designed and created to be uplifting and inspiring, items that bring comfort, or a smile, just at the look, touch or feel. We can’t wait to check out their new Grace Caged Halter top, loves it! 

Toe Talk: Toe Talk socks are designed for women who believe in the mind/body connection. For every pair of socks sold, Toe Talk donates $1 to a designated charity devoted to humanitarian, animal welfare and environmental causes, so everyone plays a part.  

Mouna Mats: Mouna means the practice of silence. It is inspired by the desire to add some originality and inspiration in the form of artwork to the everyday yoga mat. Our favorite Mouna Mat would have to be the Peacock Feather…it's the one that started it all! 

Hyde Yoga: Everyone who works as a part of Hyde has a dedicated yoga practice - it's the enduring basics of downward facing dog, triangle pose, and the like that they continue to reference in their collection, which is similarly grounded in the elegance of fundamentals: organic cotton fabric, clean lines, no frills.

Kim Michie: Kim Minchie ( - Kim Michie is a Fashion & Accessory Designer with a modern and sometimes vintage aesthetic. Her Kelly Yoga Bag is inspired by nature, vibrant & energizing colors and textures creating a product inspired to make women look and feel pretty. 

Rie & Ryn: Rie and Ryn love all of their amazing pieces, but they’re especially excited about their Rainbow Girl Baseball Muscle Tee - it's one of the brands' core items and reflects their personalities and the perfectly. What inspires this dynamic duo? Music, movement, and of course, fashion.

The Body Holiday: The BodyHoliday makes a promise, "give us your body for a week and we'll give you back your mind". It offers a range of personalized treatment, therapies while taking advantage of the most comprehensive activity and exercise schedules. 

Ananda Soul Creations: Ananda Soul offers a stunning collection of handcrafted luxury jewelry, and a number of their pieces are created by mothers of street children in Bali. Check out their beautiful Peaceful mind earrings and the 'Hold my hand' necklace.

Little Jay Malas: We are loving Little Jay’s Ganesh malas. Afterall, everyone needs a little Ganesh in their lives - an everyday reminder that what might seem like an obstacle today is actually a lesson to learn from tomorrow.  

Don't forget to enter promo code YNON at checkout and receive 15% off your tickets today.

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