Yoga Journal LIVE! NYC | A Bite Out of the Big Apple with Dana Flynn

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Check out our exclusive inside look at Yoga Journal LIVE! NYC, coming to the Hilton Midtown April 24-28.

We’re catching up with some of our favorite presenters from this year’s conference and taking a bite out of their Big Apple experience. Click here for more info on YJCLIVE and be sure to use our exclusive YOGANONYMOUS promo code YN14 to get $50 off of your main weekend pass OR full event pass.

This week we got up close and personal with NYC native, Dana Flynn. Check out what she had to say below:

-171Where do you currently live/primarily teach? New York City

What first comes to mind when you think about NYC? electric and generous

What’s it like teaching yoga in New York?  NYC yogis are drenched in enthusiasm

Best yoga pose for New Yorkers? Flying up into a Handstand, especially since we're on our feet all day long, it expresses the impossible becoming possible!

What are you most excited about for this years YJ Live! event, and what will you be offering?  This year marks my 25th year of practicing yoga and gratitude. My life could have certainly gone in a whole other direction, phew! I want yogis to feel inspired and turned on to staying close to their practice and connected to each another. I am teaching an all day Super Sequencing Intensive on Monday where I will share my passion on how I keep showing up and how you can uncover a practice that truly reflects You. Your practice and teaching will shimmer and sparkle with fresh vitality!

Go-to Big Apple “guilty-pleasure”?  Pure pleasure: Friends, Picnics on the river and always biking this amazing island!

Anything else that you’d like to add about this year’s Yoga Journal LIVE! in NYC? What I have learned from the amazing YJ teaching team and exquisite line up of super souls could take me a few lifetimes to absorb, seriously. Each teacher shares their unique thumb print, which is so deep and true. It always reminds me how BIG Yoga is, that there are as many kinds of Yoga as there are infinite Guides! They all teach from their practice which is fresh each day.Now that's Intoxicating ! This eternal student plans on learning from the whole creative family! Excited to be reunited with some of my original yoga buddies, Nikki Costello and Vinnie Marino!

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