Yoga Journal LIVE! NYC | A Bite Out of the Big Apple with Jason Crandell

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Check out our exclusive inside look at Yoga Journal LIVE! NYC, coming to the Hilton Midtown April 24-28.

We're catching up with some of our favorite presenters from this year's conference and taking a bite out of their Big Apple experience. Click here for more info on YJCLIVE and be sure to use our exclusive YOGANONYMOUS promo code YN14 to get $50 off of your main weekend pass OR full event pass.

This week we got up close and personal with Jason Crandell. Check out what he had to say below:

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 12.47.25 PMWhere do you currently live/primarily teach? I live in San Francisco and teach most places that will have me. I also teach classes and trainings online on

What first comes to mind when you think about NYC? Hands down my favorite place in the US to visit.

What's it like teaching yoga in New York? I’m pretty straightforward and clear when I teach. I also have opinions and am comfortable expressing them. So, honestly, I feel at home when I teach in New York. The students I’ve worked with in New York are intellectually engaged and they always feel very genuine. The only downside is that I sometimes start fantasizing about my next meal when everyone is in savasana.

Best yoga pose for New Yorkers? Any seated forward bend. They’re the easiest postures to read the NYT’s Sunday Book Review in. Plus, they temper the nervous system.

What are you most excited about for this years YJ Live! event, and what will you be offering? I’ve been lucky enough to teach these conferences for 10 years, so they feel like a quarterly reunion with good friends and colleagues. It’s a pleasure and honor to be in the company of so many of teachers and peers. All of my classes incorporate power yoga, anatomical precision and mindfulness teachings. Each class is organized by the regions of the body: core, hips + spine, shoulders. You know, the good conference stuff. I’m also teaching an all-day intensive on injury management.

Favorite thing to do in NYC outside of the studio? Just about everything—except going to Whole Foods (which is ridiculous anyway) and waiting in line.

Go-to Big Apple “guilty-pleasure”? Milk Bar and coffee in the afternoon. That’s two guilty pleasures, but they’re related.

Anything else that you’d like to add about this year’s Yoga Journal LIVE! in NYC? I feel extremely grateful to be part of Yoga Journal’s teaching faculty and, even more, that so many students enjoy YJ Live events. If you haven’t joined a conference yet and you love your practice, what better excuse do you need to come to New York?

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