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YOGANONYMOUS Weekend Picks | Yoga & Wellness Events Across the Country!

Happy First Weekend of October 2012!

A new month, a fresh start, and a whole lot of yoga – that’s what we’ve got for you right here. From the Yoga Journal Conference: CO to the Southeast Yoga Conference in Atlanta, Rasa Lila Fest in Florida, Ashtanga at Moksha in Chicago, and much more, we have selected the best yoga events going down across the country this Columbus Day weekend to help you start your month off right. Check ‘em out below, and get out there and have some fun!

Don’t see events listed in your city? Want to submit an event of your own? Email us at and let us know the deal!

Estes, Park, CO

Sunday, September 30th – Sunday, October 7th

This weekend is the main conference of the Yoga Journal Conference: Colorado!

With the expansive mountain-scape as your backdrop, evolve your practice with 40 Master Instructors including Seane Corn, Maty Ezraty, Ana Forrest, Sally Kempton, Gary Kraftsow, Dharma Mittra, Shiva Rea, Desiree Rumbaugh, Sianna Sherman, and David Swenson in all-day intensives, main conference class sessions, through discussion, meditation, and film. It’s not too late to buy your tickets and enter promo code EP17 to save $50 off your main conference pass!

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Atlanta, GA

Friday, October 5th – Sunday, October 7th

The 2012 Southeast Yoga Conference is going down this weekend at the W Hotel in Atlanta, GA!

This year’s event will host many amazing national and regional presenters, including David Regelin,Faith HunterCoral BrownSara IvanhoeJim BennittSarah FairclothJessica Jollie, and Sean Tebor. As always, a select lineup of local teachers have been included, some who have presented at the conference for many years now and others who will present with us for the first time, including Gina MinyardRutu ChaudhariJeff SousaJoe PaleseMarti YuraCheryl Crawford, and Isabelle Casey.

In addition to the two-hour asana-based workshops offered by these presenters on Saturday and Sunday, the conference will also have a wonderful symposium Friday afternoon featuring presentations addressing yoga and nutrition, yoga and ayurveda, the business of yoga, asana demonstrations, and a Q&A with some of our national teachers.

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Orlando, FL

Friday, October 5th – Sunday, October 7th

Don’t miss out on the 2012 Rasa-Lila Fest -Orlando going down this weekend!

Rasa-Lila, which can be freely translated from Sanskrit into “the dance of love”, has all the makings of a nationally sought after yoga and wellness festival. Like some of its older and more seasoned festival counterparts, Rasa-Lila offers festival goers a complete retreat package in a breathtaking and engaging natural setting.

Featured yoga teachers and presenters at this year’s Rasa-Lila Fest – Orlando include Tymi Howard, Dice Iida-Klein & Briohny Kate Smyth, Denise McClure, Christie McClure, Dr. Christen Scott, Lois Iannone, Sensei Donato, Jaye Martin, Lee Clise, Tara Rawson & Brittney Crosby, Terri Cooper, Cheryl Chaffee, Yogi Amrit Desai, and Moses Love.

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Chicago, IL

Friday, October 5th – Sunday, October 7th

Join Daylene Christensen for a series of Ashtanga workshops this weekend at Moksha Yoga in Chicago!

Teacher Intensive | 10/5 | 3pm – 5pm: For teachers and committed students, this interactive lecture and exercise based session will take your sequencing (of your classes and your practice) to new levels of creativity and efficacy.

Led Primary | 10/5 | 6:30pm – 8:30pm: This flowing and continuous vinyasa based practice invites you to step into the current of your bliss, while challenging your stamina and moment-to-moment awareness. This class will ‘talk less and move more’ to tap deeply into your blissful nature.

Mysore | 10/6 – 1:30pm – 4pm & 10/7 – 10am -1pm: Astanga Mysore is a silent practice where students learn each pose of the Astanga yoga practice at their own pace with individual guidance from the teacher. Students may arrive anytime during the class period and begin their practice. The primary method of instruction is through hands-on adjustments and the commitment of showing up on a regular basis.

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Los Gatos, CA

Saturday, October 6th

Join Jill Miller this Saturday at YogaSource in Los Gatos for Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball Training!

Put the power of self-massage into your own hands! This workshop empowers students of any level of health to adopt a simple and effective self-care regimen. The Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls can be used as an adjunct to Yoga, Pilates, recovery & prevention from injury or day-to day maintenance.

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New York, NY

Saturday, October 6th

Join Rama Nina Patella at Pure Yoga to build your core with Boomer Yoga!

Learn to be stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through the depths of Hatha Yoga. Explore finding the core through Asana, both active and restorative, pranayama and meditation.

*This workshop is designed for all ages including Boomers.

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Miami Beach, FL

Friday, October 5th – Saturday, October 6th

Join Jennifer Pastiloff at Green Mokey Yoga in Miami for 2 nights of fun!

Don’t miss Jennifer Pastiloff, creator of Manifestation Yoga® and Karaoke Yoga® in her signature workshop of twisting, heart opening, going upside down, journaling, singing, dancing and laughing followed by a wine tasting. Jennifer will lead her Karaoke Yoga workshop on Friday night, followed by her Manifestation Yoga workshop on Saturday – 2 fabulous evenings in Miami Beach!

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New York, NY

Sunday, October 7th

Join Sharon Salzberg & Dharma Mittra for “The Power of the Loving Heart” at Dharma Yoga in NYC!

Cultivate your natural capacity for faith, compassion, and love with Krishna Das and Sharon Salzberg. Combining the complementary practices of devotional chanting and loving-kindness meditation, you come together to discover and celebrate the power of the heart. Through teachings, stories, chants, guided meditations, and question-and-answer sessions, you are led within to find our own inner knowledge and to open to deeper levels of courage and wisdom.

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Venice, CA

Friday, October 5th – Sunday, October 7th

Join Ashley Turner and James Bailey at Exhale Venice for a Yoga Psychology workshop!

An innovative fusion of Yogic and Western Psychology. Join us for a rare collaboration between two seasoned yoga teachers – one an Ayurvedic doctor and the other a Psychotherapist as we explore this leading edge in yoga and holistic medicine.

From Patanjali’s “Yoga Sutras,” to the classic Tantras, the mind in all its forms is a primary focus on any yogic path. At once, the mind is either the greatest tool to our growth, or the greatest obstacle. In Buddhist yoga, rather than bliss out, the mind is made sharp and clear like a diamond.

In Yoga Psychology the mind is more than the sum of the brain and nervous system. The mind is prana, life itself. It is Shiva, the cosmic witness. It is the heart, which loves and reels with empathy. In it’s highest form, it is the guru within. In Ayurvedic Psychology, the mind is considered the cause of all disease, and many treatment modalities are available to keep the mind clean and vibrant.

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Wishing you a fun & fabulous weekend!

With LOVE,


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