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YOGANONYMOUS Weekend Picks | Yoga & Wellness Events Across the Country!

TGIF – Thank Ganesh It’s Friday!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! We hope that you had a wonderful week wherever you may be, and that you are gearing up for an even better weekend. We have selected some of the best yoga and wellness events happening across the country this beautiful summer weekend. Check ‘em out below, and get out there and have some fun!

Don’t see events listed in your city? Want to submit an event of your own? Email us at and let us know the deal!

San Diego, CA

Thursday, July 12th – Monday, July 16th

Yoga Journal is heading to Southern California for the premiere Yoga Journal Conference: San Diego, this weekend!

Backbend into summer and sync up your practice with the Yoga Journal community for five days of euphoric yoga. Conference highlights include: All-Day Intensives, like Stand-Up Paddleboarding and Yoga, Saturday night kirtan with Dave Stringer, one hundred classes to choose from, and an unmatched teacher roster with favorites Seane CornKathryn BudigAna ForrestDavid Swenson, and many more!

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Telluride, CO

Thursday, July 12th – Sunday, July 15th

Don’t miss the 5th Annual Telluride Yoga Festival going down in beautiful Telluride, CO this weekend!

The Telluride Yoga Festival is the country’s most unique and intimate yoga experience. Come deepen your practice, deep in the mountains with this once in a lifetime event that hosts experts from all around the globe in the un-paralleled setting of Telluride, Colorado.  Celebrate many forms of yoga in the crisp mountain air while simultaneously giving back to the environment.

This year’s presenters include:

Duncan Wong, Annie PaceDr. JayashreeM.A. NarasimhanMark WhitwellBeryl Bender BirchSara IvanhoeSean JohnsonAlanna KaivalyaStacey Rosenberg, Nancy Stechert, Karl StraubAllison Englishthe YogaSlackersAmy JohnsonJill LawsonRachel NelsonMike MatsumaraRiver CummingsErin FlemingTina Porter and Josh Vincent.

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New York, NY

Saturday, July 14th – Sunday, July 15th

Join Arjun Das for 2 Yoga & Ayurveda workshops this weekend at Yoga Vida NYC!

In these workshops, you will explore the relationship between Ayurveda & Yoga. What exactly is Ayurveda? What is the Yoga – Ayurveda connection? Learn answers to these questions and develop a working understanding of Ayurveda and how to apply this knowledge to deepen your connection to the world around you.

Arjun Das is an Ayurvedic Practitioner & Panchakarma Specialist, and director & founder of TriGuna Institute in Brazil (since 2001). He was recognized with the award ‘Vagbhata 2009 – Excellence in Teaching Ayurveda’ by AAPNA (North American Ayurvedic Association) and has represented Brazil in major Indian Conferences as a guest lecturer.

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Philadelphia, PA

Saturday, July 14th

Join John Vitarelli at Dhyana Yoga Rittenhouse this Saturday for ‘Hands to Earth: Hand-Balancing & Inversions!

The Vinyasa practice is a process. It is a relationship with our Self that develops over time with care and nurturing, much like growing a tender plant from a small seed. We place oursleves on our mats each day like we might place a seed in soil, tend to that seed so that it will grow, and provide it with water and sunshine (our tears and our laughter) as we cultivate asana. Placing our hands to the Earth establishes our connection to where we came from, and reminds us we still have room to grow.

In this workshop, John will thread his love for practice throughout while giving you insignts into often practiced (but not often fully explanined) poses such as chatturanga, upward facing dog, and downward facing dog that will keep you flowing safely, and then move into preparation poses that will plant the seeds you need to place your hands on the Earth and your feet in the air, while developing a trusting relationship with inversions! You will find that the lightness inversions bring is accessible to anyone, that they are tools for dispelling fear, and that they help you to refine your experience of a complete Vinyasa practice. All levels welcome!

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Chicago, IL

Friday, July 13th – Sunday, July 15th

Join Amber Cook for a series of Chakra workshops this weekend at Moksha Yoga!

Like the energy that flows through our bodies, this workshop will start from the ground up explaining the ancient methodology of the Chakras which lie within the body. Often misunderstood in our Western context, this workshop aims to shed light and understanding on the true meanings, functions, and roles of each of the seven Chakras. Moving from the center outward, the ultimate goal of this workshop is to provide students with the tools they need in order to incorporate knowledge of these energy fields into their own physical and spiritual practice.

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Laguna Beach, CA

Saturday, July 14th – Sunday, July 15th

Escape to the beautiful Spa Montage in Laguna Beach, CA for a weekend of ‘Inner Power’ with Ashley Turner!

Inner Power | 7/14 | 9am – 11am: This vigorous flow confronts judgment, fear and worry. Learn to identify, forgive and integrate the darker aspects of Self, which we tend to deny, project outward and which clog our energy.

Clear Mind. Happy Heart. | 7/15 | 9am – 11am: Clear mental blocks. Identify your inner saboteur and listen within for answers on how to open up and receive. Mellow flow yoga ending in a sweet meditation.

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New York, NY

Saturday, July 14th

Join Taylor Flynn and Chris Chen for a Sun Salutation workshop at Katonah Yoga NYC!

Whether you consider yourself a sun god/goddess or run for cover at the thought of a sun salutation, we will deconstruct and reassemble this foundational practice to find freedom, fluidity and ease. By breaking down both the musculoskeletal and energetic aspects of the vinyasa, we will  work to clarify the asanas and transitionary spaces between- it is with clear, efficient, and intent form, that the flow actually serves us and offers the experience of connection we seek. We will offer a variety of exercises and techniques, modifications and additional options, discuss how the parts connect in a wholistic way, and explore the difference between isolated tension vs harmonic tone throughout the body.

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Wishing you a fun & fabulous weekend,

With LOVE,




Michaela lives and teaches yoga in Los Angeles, CA, and works as a part of YOGANONYMOUS. She is a certified holistic health and lifestyle coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Growing up a gymnast, Michaela was first introduced to the practice of Yoga during high school and college. In addition to her dedicated practice, Michaela loves music, travel, fashion, great food, great wine, and great friends - she strongly believes that laughter is the key to life!

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