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2009 Rothbury Festival

Many modern yogis are harnessing the power of music to support transformational practices, and traditional “yoga music” has a brand new sound.

The evolution of music into the world of electronica is creating a new realm of musical expression and higher vibration flow playlists. Computer programs and other high-tech production tools are being used to produce and transform music with various effects for a groundbreaking synthesis of sound and technology.

Musicians are blowing the minds of audiences equipped with nothing but a laptop and a few other gadgets plugged in on stage. With countless subgenres, electronic producers have begun to create an unlimited array of soundscapes that take the listener to extraordinary levels with earthy tribal beats, ambient cosmic adventures, and deep bass tracks… just to name a few.

The new freedom of manipulating ordinary instrumental sounds, adding in vocal samples, and transforming music with effects is producing music with a precision and sound like we have never heard before.

As modern teachers and students of yoga, we continue to expand our physical practices and philosophies, discovering that every level of growth is simply opening us up to a stronger connection with the source teachings of our path. We are channeling new expressions of the ancient practice in the same way these electronic musicians are creating new pathways in the production of sound and music.

Electronic music breaks the mold of the usual yoga playlist, sending practitioners into a deeper state amidst the sounds of galactic dance beats and ethereal meditation vibrations.

This playlist pays homage to some of the groundbreaking beats and offerings of electronic musicians who are creating conscious, innovative music to give back to a culture whose big ideas and open hearts are seeking an equally innovative and groovy soundtrack. Each of these songs is either wholly electronically produced or incorporates an element of electronic production in it’s sound.

Enjoy this flowing journey…with the bass turned up.

Calling Spirits | Shamans Dream

Gud Fella | Gigi

Embrace the One | Temple Step Project

Liquid Sunrise | Kaminanda

Infinitely Being | Kalya Scintilla

Wavedrop | Buddhatech

Shishala | Random Rab

Purple Rain | Galimatias

Big Boy |Balam Acab

Nevergreen | Emancipator

Transformation | The Human Experience

Terrapin | Bonobo

Sol | Ishq


About the Author

devonsweeneyA yogini from a very young age, Devon jumped into her yogic studies to complete her first teacher training at age 17. She is blessed to be a part of Shiva Rea's Prana® Flow tribe, pursuing advanced studies with Samudra Global School of Living Yoga as a student, mentor, and assistant. Whether she is teaching at a local studio, music festivals, or offering an outdoor practice among a traveling group of friends, Devon offers a unique take on energetic vinyasa that incorporates creative expression through enchanting music and flowing asanas. Devon's teaching has supported her through her path of studying Religion at James Madison University and she will continue to spread the music, movement, and magic as she journeys onward! Check out Devon on Facebook or shoot her an email: