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Yoga Playlist—”Falling Awake”

This playlist was inspired both by the amazing musicians at last weekend’s Tadasana Festival, and my preparations for a Pink Floyd Yoga class I am creating.

At Tadasana, I picked up DJ Drez’s latest release Jahta Beat: The Lotus Memories, and For What It’s Worth (India Dub)—a magical version of the Buffalo Springfield classic (featured below). Few words can describe the transcendent experience I had with Shiva Rea and The Toure-Raichel Collective at Tadasana, and I highly suggest picking up their new release, The Tel Aviv Sessions.

The epic grandeur of Pink Floyd’s Fearless is a no-brainer, but I call your attention to a lost, late-90′s electronica track: Space Cat and Elysium’s Liquid Dub Connection. It’s a gorgeous mix of piano melodies and trip hop beats. In savasana, be soothed by musician Masood Ali Kahn, and his hypnotic use of the Hung.

Happy yoga’ing and thank you so much to the Tadasana Festival!

Temple Prayer–MC Yogi | Click to Purchase

Fearless—Pink Floyd | Click to Purchase

For What It’s Worth (India Dub)—DJ Drez | Click to Purchase

Liquid Dub Connection—Space Cat and Elysium | Click to Purchase

May All Beings—Earthrise Sound System | Click to Purchase

The Dub Sutras—Desert Dwellers | Click to Purchase

Pollo De Palo—Fila Brazillia | Click to Purchase

Bamba—Toure-Rachiel Collective | Click to Purchase

Love Me Seet—Kid Lock (J.C. Concato Remix) |Click to Purchase

Falling Awake—Shpongle | Click to Purchase

Terrapin—Bonobo | Click to Purchase

Hang Over—The Album Leaf | Click to Purchase

Nightdub—Abakus | Click to Purchase

I Go to the Barn Because I Like It—Band of Horses | Click to Purchase

Indu—Masood Ali Kahn | Click to Purchase

Photo Cred: Carl Kerridge Photography


Chris has been practicing yoga for the past six years and has recently begun teaching in Portland, Oregon. He has been listening to music since Poison overtook his heart at age 12. Yoga and music, yoga and music, yoga and music! Jai! Visit his website -

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