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Yoga Playlist: Lost in Space

This playlist was inspired by the element of “space” and how it relates to the way we inhabit our bodies and minds.

Often many of us are caught in a web of doubting, negative thoughts about our bodies and minds. The aligned vinyasa class I taught supported by this playlist encouraged students to find space in their upper chest and lower back through the breath. I chose many dub reggae and down tempo grooves because of the sheer amount of empty space that exists in this type of music. Un-played and “inferred” notes resonate as loudly as any drum beat or melody. Some of these songs have been used in previous playlists, but hey, they are good. I hope you like it.

Hey You | Pink Floyd
The Story I Heard | Blind Pilot
Forelong Bit | Lindstrom and Prins Thomas
Ode to Ganesha | Bhagavan Das
Monsoon Dub | Desert Dwellers
One Dub | Bob Marley
85 Loop | DJ Krush
Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand | Primitive Radio Gods
King Tubby’s Coral Dub | Jah Thomas and King Tubby
Scientists Rain Dub | Roots Radics
The Dub Sutras | Desert Dwellers
Hanuman Baba | Krishna Das (Dub Farm Remix)
The Lime Tree | Trevor Hall
Ethiopia | Bill Laswell
I Can’t Make You Love Me/Nick of Time | Bon Iver



Chris has been practicing yoga for the past six years and has recently begun teaching in Portland, Oregon. He has been listening to music since Poison overtook his heart at age 12. Yoga and music, yoga and music, yoga and music! Jai! Visit his website -

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