Yoga Pose Breakdown: Bhujapidasana – Shoulder-Pressing Pose

Sanskrit Name: Bhujapidasana
Bhuja = Arm or Shoulder
Pīḍa = Pressure
Asana = Pose

Get Started: 

  • Begin by squatting with your feet a little less than shoulder-width apart and your knees wide
  • Tilt your torso forward directly between you thighs
  • Keep your torso low as you raise your hips, bringing your thighs parallel to the floor
  • Bring your arms and shoulders under the back of your thighs just above the knees and place your hands on the floor on the outer edge of your feet. Your fingers shoulder point forward
  • Allow your upper back to round
  • Press your inner hands firmly against the floor as you slowly begin to rock your weight back, off your feet and onto your hands
  • Straighten your arms and allow your feet to lift off the floor by shifting your center of gravity
  • Draw your feet together, crossing one foot over the other foot
  • Gaze straight ahead

Benefits: Bhujapidasana strengthens the arms and wrists while toning the belly and improving balance.

Contradictions: Practice with caution if you have a shoulder, elbow, wrist or low back injury.

Know Your Asana: Try practicing this pose with two blocks on each hand. This is a preparatory pose for Firefly.