Yoga Pose Breakdown: Chaturanga Dandasana - Four-Limbed Staff Pose

Sanskrit Name: Chaturanga Dandasana (chaht-tour-ANG-ah don-DAHS-anna)
chaturanga = four limbs (
chatur = four, anga = limb)
danda = staff (spine, the central “staff” or support of the body)

Get Started: 

  • Begin in Plank Pose
  • Firm your shoulder blades against your back and press your tailbone toward your pubis 
  • As you exhale, hinge forward and slowly lower your torso and legs to a few inches above and parallel to the floor; squeeze your elbows into your side body as you do so
  • Keep your core engaged and avoid swaying your lower back toward the floor 
  • Maintain active feet and draw your pubis toward your naval 
  • Keep broadening the shoulder blades and keep squeezing your elbows in
  • Press the base of your index fingers firmly to the floor
  • Lift the top of your sternum and gaze forward
  • Lower only halfway to the ground

Benefits: This pose strengthens the arms and wrists and tones the abdomen. 

Contradictions: Practice with caution if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or if you are pregnant. 

Know Your Asana: Chaturanga Dandasana is one of the poses in the Sun Salutation sequence and is a pose that's supposed to make sex better

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