Yoga Pose Breakdown: Titibasana - Firefly Pose

Image: Jill Knouse

Sanskrit Name: Titibasana or Tittibhasana (Tee-Tee-bah-AHS-ana)
Tittibha = Firefly, Insect or a Small Bird
Asana = Pose

Get Started: 
:: Squat with your feet about hip-width distance apart
:: Bring your trunk between your legs and tilt your pelvis forward
:: Leave your truck low and straighten your legs enough to lift your pelvis to around knee height
:: Dig your arms as far back underneath your thighs as possible, bringing a slight bend to your elbows
:: Place both palms on the floor if possible or at least allow your fingertips to come under the body
:: Make sure that your fingertips face forward
:: Slowly begin to shift your center of gravity and lift your feet off the mat
:: Engage your core significantly and maintain Chaturanga arms
:: Keep your inner thighs as high up your arms as possible
:: Widen through your collarbones 
:: Keep your knees bent or begin to extend them to your sides
:: Straighten your arms and legs as much as possible and lift your gaze

Benefits: Firefly Pose stretches the inner groins and back torso, while strengthening the arms and wrists. It tones the belly and improves general sense of balance. It also deepens hamstring and hip flexibility. 

Contradictions: Avoid practicing this pose if you have shoulder, elbow, wrist or low back injuries. 

Know your asana: This pose may appear simple enough, but it requires significant hip and shoulder flexibility, as well as core strength. The good new is that if you fall, you are already close to the ground.