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Balanced Yoga

New Haven, CT

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A place where we come together to practice all levels, all love, all the time. 

If you are new to Balanced, we welcome you to our sacred, fun, and open-hearted studio. You will find that every student who walks through the door of Balanced is met with an open heart both on and off the mat.

We offer a variety of classes at Balanced because we believe in the intrinsic healing power of all forms of asana as well as the lifestyle lived by the yogi/yogini. We are a place where competition is left behind, as we offer all level classes, all the time. Classes are open to every(body) to promote a caring, non-competitive environment where you can relax, work up a sweat and have fun. So if you are new, pick a class and start your journey. If you have been practicing a day or a year, keep coming and grow your practice - because every day is a beginner day.




This is, hands down, the best yoga studio I have ever been to. Every instructor is a little different, so practicing with each of them always ensures variety.  

Thanks to Balanced, I have improved my yoga practice dramatically over the past two years--I love this place!

When I temporarily moved home from Boston, my number one concern was 'where am I going to practice yoga?'  I could've cared less about changing careers, leaving my house to tenants, missing my people, transition...

Thank heavens for Balanced Yoga. Lori, the owner is present and the epitome of authentic- she is also one hell of a yoga teacher. 

Balanced yoga provides a hot athletic vinyasa yoga class, so if you are looking for a class where you can really get lost in the meditation of flowing asanas and sweat so much that you feel fully cleansed this is a great place.  

Let's get this out of the way: I have never been to another yoga studio. So how can I give it 5 stars you wonder? Simple. The instructors (all of them) are extremely passionate about yoga. They are not just athletic trainers playing at this, this is part of who they are. The practices are educational, informative, and they constantly give positive feedback and corrections. Every practice is the hardest work out I ever had, and I have been training athletically my entire life. The studio is heated, which is great for my piano wire-tight hamstrings - everything loosens up so much quicker. Be prepared to sweat. The studio can get a little cramped especially after New Years. The schedule allows for classes throughout the week and the days. I cannot recommend this studio highly enough.

Balanced Yoga has changed my life. Through a regular hot vinyasa practice I have been able to eliminate all medications for joint pain that was prescribed by my doctor. I have also lost the weight often associated with taking medications. When I have to take a day off I miss Balanced, the teachers and the community. 

Class Descriptions

Hot Vinyasa
Vinyasa is Sanskrit for “flow.” During Vinyasa, we are “flowing” from pose to pose and, more importantly, from breath to breath. Emphasis is placed on how we feel in the pose (Asana), rather than how we look. At the end of every class, a well-deserved deep Savasana encourages release, relaxation and the benefits of the sequencing. During this class the room is heated to 90º F. to promote detoxification, purification, weight loss and an ultimate sense of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual revitalization. All levels.

Para Yoga
Para Yoga is designed to increase your flexibility, strength and energy, while helping you find stability (sthira), ease (sukha) and aspiration (Tantra) to expand beyond your limits. These classes use posture flows, as well as longer-held poses, breath work, visualization, deep relaxation and meditation to tone the organs, relax the nervous system, quiet the mind and bring integration of body, mind and spirit. This class is practiced in a non-hot environment. All levels.

Dharma Vinyasa
This class is a gentle yet powerful meditative series of balancing, stretching, back bending, twisting and inverted postures created by Sri Dharma Mittra. It warms up the body, brings flexibility to all muscles and joints, and wakes up the nervous system. Dharma Vinyassa reintegrates the flow of prana through the spinal column and emanates deep into all areas of the physical, metabolic, intuitive, and blissed body thus promoting harmony within all these layers. This class is practiced in a non-hot environment. All levels.

1079 Whalley Ave.
New Haven , CT   6515
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1079 Whalley Ave.
New Haven , CT   6515
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