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Zuda Yoga

Sacramento, CA

About the Studio

ZUDA Yoga, which has been voted Sacramento’s best yoga studio by both Sacramento Magazine and Sacramento News and Review, was founded in June 2007 by Anne Marie Kramer and Bill Prysock. Zuda Yoga Center has two locations; one in the heart of Midtown Sacramento, CA and one in Folsom, CA. Between Zuda’s to studios, nearly 100 classes are offered weekly.


At Zuda we combine a challenging physical practice that is fun, dynamic and energizing with the profound message of yoga. We think of yoga as a way to help you get “within”, to the place housing the answers to living an amazing life. Our practice is bold and enlivening to enable us to get past the resistance many of us have. It’s what we must surmount to break through and get to a place where we can tune in to the voice deep inside of us.


Our yoga style is fun because we believe life should be playful in whatever endeavor you undertake. An element of joy, of smiling, of liberation, creates a foundation and enables you to look forward to your “time on the mat” each day. It is that time where you can unshackle yourself from your serious game face and be you.

Go Within:

The deeper message of yoga is to be who you truly are, to honor yourself, exactly as you are. With that always in mind, there are adjustments you can make to the practice to make it accessible for you. You can modify and enjoy all of the benefits of the practice.


Zuda came about as the distillation of many years of practice and study. Building a sense of community where people can connect with others who are also walking a path of self-exploration and want to live deliberately is our founding principle. We look forward to seeing you, each and every time you join us for practice.



200-hr Teacher Training (Phase 1)

Immerse yourself in a life changing experience encompassing 7 weekends over 4 months.  During this time you’ll be exposed to a breadth of knowledge and learning that take others years to attain. There are no experience or knowledge prerequisites for this training – only a deep commitment to YOU. Students of all levels are encouraged to use this training to begin or continue a journey of personal exploration and acceptance, and to develop or enhance a current yoga practice, assisting and/or teaching.

Here, you’ll learn from Zuda owners, Anne Marie and Bill who have the experience, patience and compassion to challenge and uplift you.  All have trained with the most influential teachers of our time.  Each continues to walk the path of a student by devoting several weeks each year to workshops, trainings and retreats.

You benefit from Bill’s experience as a physician, particularly when it comes to anatomy and physiology.  Other guest teachers complement our program by teaching the yogic texts, chakras and yogic philosophy.

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300-hr Teacher Training (Phase 2)

Become a masterful teacher! Create experiences that transform lives. Learn to use music and themes to engage your students, creating a sensual class that will stay with them forever.

The focus of Phase 2 will be on teaching and living authentically. You will explore your strengths as a teacher, working directly with your peers and one on one with Anne Marie and Bill. Phase 2 is an opportunity to become a masterful teacher while connecting you with your teaching tribe. Above all, it is an opportunity to discover the extraordinary within you, as a teacher, as a yogi and as a person.

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“My experience with yoga classes at the gym had sent me on a search for more.  Although my Zuda experience is new, this class offered the “more” I was looking for.” –Susan D

I chose the Zuda Assisting Program because I was very impressed by the assistants that completed the program last year and I did want a more thorough understanding of the postures. I am exploring the possibility of teaching at some later point. I would be honored to assist at Zuda since I think you have created a fabulous well-run power yoga studio that brings so much to Sacramento: excellent teachers, opportunities to develop a ‘full’ yoga practice, world class guest teachers in addition to nurturing the community that Zuda itself is creating. I have gained so much from practicing at Zuda I would like to share with others and give back.” –Aisha K

It was a lot of fun, I’m so glad I gave myself this gift.  ZAP was everything it was promised to be and then some, my relationships with other students in the program have blossomed and it’s allowed me even more opportunities to give to the practice.  I believe this experience will lead me to teaching in the future.  Thank you to everyone who gave their time to making it an extremely positive experience, I’m very appreciative.” –Dustin L

Class Descriptions

Groove: Follow the Yogi
Explore the roots of our Vinyasa practice through a special Follow the Yogi class. The teacher leads the class through (by modeling the poses as the class flows) his or her own morning practice. Have fun with Powerful Music, taught with Sanskrit woven in throughout the flow, this practice will challenge your concept of Vinyasa, bringing new and greater awareness to your personal practice and life. An excellent class for experienced students interested in deepening their practice.

Basics: Level 1
Perfect for all levels, each basics class follows a similar format. Class starts slowly, going over the elemental building blocks of the practice. As we describe the poses we teach how they may be modified to fit the way your body is in this moment. This gives everyone an equal chance to experience the benefits of the practice while making adjustments for her own needs.

All Levels
Zuda’s signature class—vigorous, dynamic, flow-based yoga where variance and creativity are the norm. Each class differs from the last to help you find your edge. This is the full expression of vinyasa as moving meditation. Linking breath with movement the practice become dancelike—an interplay of motion and stillness. Strength, flexibility, balance and cardio come into harmony. Described as “an awakening” the only way to truly understand is to do it.

Karma Classes
Karma classes are our same, great Vinyasa-style classes, but we only accept donations for them. No class passes. Cash or checks made out to Happy Tails. Suggested donation amount is $5. All proceeds go to the Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary.

Zuda Midtown
1515 19th St.
Sacramento , CA   95811
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Zuda Folsom
220 Blue Ravine #130
Folsom , CA   95630
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