Alexandra Holmes, E-YRT-200, is originally from the Philippines. She received her B.F.A. in Dance & Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2002. Her practice of Yoga began as a way to cross train for rehearsals, but soon became another passion. Weaving together yogic philosophy, imagery, & precise alignment, her classes explore asana as a dynamic, whole-being experience. Her teaching style is light-hearted yet challenging, nurturing strength & flexibility of body, mind & spirit. Her sequences are creative, intelligently choreographed, & set to eclectic music. In 2005, Alex had a brief but involved encounter with Ovarian cancer. On a daily basis, she tries to remember how to enjoy life. Every year she returns home to be with family & eat mangoes in the sun. She is currently based in Philadelphia PA, where she is now a senior teacher at Dhyana Yoga, co-leads the studio’s teacher training program, as well as offering her own Dynamic Flow immersion. She has held workshops & retreats in New York, Philadelphia, the Philippines, Cambodia & Costa Rica, and assists her teacher Shiva internationally.