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Does Weed Belong in Yoga Studios?

by Amanda Kohr on December 14, 2016
With Denver's new marijuana regulations, the combination of yoga and cannabis falls under further scrutinization.
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Ingredients for Pets and Humans

There are several human ingredients that are good for pets too.
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Denver Becomes the First City to Allow Marijuana in Yoga Studios and Bars

by Amanda Kohr on November 18, 2016
Denver's new laws are exciting cannabis-loving yogis everywhere, but how long before it takes effect?
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What's the Big Deal With 11/11? Ask Numerology

by Amanda Kohr on November 11, 2016
Why do we make a wish at 11:11?
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Holiday Dishes Done Right

Try these takes on classics to make your family meals even more delicious this holiday season.
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Pets Like to Eat Healthy Too

Pets need to eat just as healthily as their human parents.
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The Philanthropic Power of Dog Yoga

by Amanda Kohr on October 17, 2016
We've got more reasons why your pup should be a part of your practice.
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Teas for Healthy Digestion

Try these tea recipes to ease digestion.
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Is It Possible to Drink Too Much Water Before Yoga?

by Amanda Kohr on September 16, 2016
Confused about hydration? We'll help clear that up.
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Make You Dance—5 Ways to Get Your Groove On On the Mat

A good dance is like a good yoga session: Clear your mind, strengthen your body, and get happy.
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