Amy Sullivan has an inspirational, nurturing but no frills teaching style. Her journey on the yoga path started over 15 years ago as a way of rehabilitating her knee from injuries sustained during her career as a collegiate level athlete and professional dancer. Amy's classes are a delightful mixture of light-hearted humor, joyful movement, safe yet dynamic sequencing, precise instruction and filled with lots of intuitive and healing hands-on adjustments. Whether it’s a packed sweaty vinyasa or a slow, healing restorative class.

Amy has the rare ability to meet everyone exactly where they are and to encourage them to embrace who they are in that moment.”

From all of her life experience as an athlete, dancer, actor, waitress, manager, concierge, personal assistant, teacher, choreographer, residential counselor, ink cartridge salesperson (wasn’t very good) and Real Life Frosted Cheerio (didn’t like that one), Amy has happily found her niche as a teacher, eternal student, healer, and yoga activist. She feels blessed to share the space of healing to all of those who have come before her to help carve out her path. Predominantly, it is Natasha Rizopoulos’ attention to the integrity of yoga postures and principles and Shiva Rea’s creativity and soulful expression of yoga has taught her the structure and the freedom to speak, teach and live from her heart. After a