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The Key to Balance? Turn Off Your Phone

by Charlotte Temple on September 13, 2016
That and other tips on how to stay sane in a crazy world.
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4 Steps to Finding Your Personal Joy

by Charlotte Temple on September 7, 2016
Sometimes to be happy, we need to connect with basic steps.
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The Key to Keeping Your Cool

by Charlotte Temple on August 8, 2016
Sometimes the hardest thing to remember is to just breathe, but it is vital for our daily lives and our yoga practice.
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Cut Back (and Other Tips for a More Fulfilling Life)

by Charlotte Temple on July 28, 2016
Many of us are leading stressful, action-packed lives: Here’s how to slow down and listen up.
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I Can’t Do a Handstand. I’m OK With It

by Charlotte Temple on July 20, 2016
I am a yoga teacher and I can’t do a handstand. So what?!
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5 Tips for Cultivating a Home Yoga Practice

by Charlotte Temple on July 5, 2016
If you can master practicing yoga at home you can bliss out anytime, anywhere.
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3 Things Yoga Taught Me Besides Asana

by Charlotte Temple on July 8, 2016
Yoga can teach us so much about our bodies, lifestyles, and communities.
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Don't Fear the Props

by Charlotte Temple on April 11, 2016
One yogi's journey from hating props to loving them.
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