writer | multi-award winner | researcher | PhD | stage IV ovarian cancer survivor | yoga teacher | kindness giver | colostomy wearer | meditator


Fi Munro is a multi award winning researcher, writer, public speaker and cancer survivor recognised internationally for her presentations and articles on the importance of maintaining holistic health.

By the age of 26 Fi had already completed her PhD, the topic of which was the holistic benefits of outdoor play on children's learning, development an health. This led her into a research career dedicated to understanding and improving health and the health-care system. Whilst working as a researcher, she also studied hypnotherapy, meditation and Ashtanga Yoga.

In January 2016 Fi (30) was diagnosed with non-genetic stage IV ovarian cancer. There is no stage V. Her cancer diagnosis was terminal.

However, just seven months later she was miraculously in remission.

Since then she was been using her tenacity and zest for life to inspire others to live a positive and grateful life. She is fuelled by positivity and the importance of maintaining a balance of physical, emotional and spiritual health.

She values time in nature, yoga and eating the right food as three of the most important parts of any holistic treatment plan.

Fi proudly declares that she is grateful for her cancer, giving thanks to her diagnosis every single day for the insight it has given her into the importance of living a life full of joy, love and deep healing.

She hopes that her story will help you to do the same.


You can read more about Fi Munro on her website and public Facebook page

She is currently writing a book about holistic health and healing due for release in April 2017.

She is also a regular blogger for Huffington Post