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How to Find a Good Yoga Class in a New City

by Jake Panasevich on August 9, 2016
Before departing, ask your favorite yoga teacher if he or she knows of any good studios in your destination.
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8 Yoga Poses You Can Do in Your Hotel Room

by Jake Panasevich on July 12, 2016
Don't let travel stall your practice.
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How to Build Your Brand as a Yoga Teacher

by Jake Panasevich on June 14, 2016
A certification alone won’t attract students.
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Watch: Turkish Get Up & Yoga Get Down

by Jake Panasevich on May 23, 2016
No time for the gym but you've got 10 minutes? Try this sequence.
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Yoga: a Guy's Guy Activity?

by Jake Panasevich on May 10, 2016
Six reasons every man should get to his mat.
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6 Best Yoga Poses You Can Do at Your Desk

by Jake Panasevich on April 12, 2016
Stretching it out at work can quite literally save your body.
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Watch: 8-Minute Yoga Flow for Strength

by Jake Panasevich on April 11, 2016
Yoga is just as much about strength as it is about flexibility.
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Watch: Short, Simple & Shockingly Tough Yoga Workout

by Jake Panasevich on March 21, 2016
Looking to get stronger? Look no further and practice this short, strength-building sequence.
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Want to Kick a Bad Habit? Try Yoga.

by Jake Panasevich on March 8, 2016
The practice provides what's needed for lasting change.
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Watch: Stability Challenge for Core Strength

by Jake Panasevich on February 22, 2016
Gain increased strength and stability in this week's core strengthing video.
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