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Surrender Into Child’s Pose

by Jeramie Vaine on December 14, 2016
It's more than a resting pose—it's a time to surrender.
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Stay Strong and Grounded: Modified Warrior II

by Jeramie Vaine on December 7, 2016
A strengthening SUP sequence to get you into modified Warrior II.
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Stillness: Bridge Pose for SUP Yoga

by Jeramie Vaine on November 16, 2016
Bridge is a dynamic pose that engages the body but also forces us to stay stationary, connecting with our breath.
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SUP Yoga Sequence: Twist It Out

by Jeramie Vaine on October 25, 2016
This sequence is all about the slow build.
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Start Your SUP Yoga Practice With Cat-Cow Pose

by Jeramie Vaine on October 10, 2016
Build a solid foundation—and your confidence—with this crucial sequence.
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Sequence: SUP Side Plank

by Jeramie Vaine on September 6, 2016
Master your Side Plank on the water with this instructional sequence.
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Ditch Your Routine, Change Your Life

by Jeramie Vaine on July 26, 2016
Go to Disneyland, head out at sea, or take a hike. Whatever you do, change it up.
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Sequence: Get Your Water Warrior I On in SUP Yoga

by Jeramie Vaine on June 29, 2016
Embrace your water warrior with this sequence.
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Make the Outdoors Your Playground

by Jeramie Vaine on June 18, 2016
Let's go outside.
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Sequence: How to Find Balance on a SUP Yoga Board

by Jeramie Vaine on June 2, 2016
Explore finding balance out at sea.
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