Kristin Diversi is a star-child. She is convinced that she has control over the space-time continuum, but she has a hard time remembering to eat breakfast. A unicorn/monkey hybrid, she spends her days hopscotching dreams and moonbeams. After graduating magna cum laude with a BA in History and an MS in Nutrition, she delighted her parents and the student loan companies by deciding to follow her heart and do absolutely nothing related to any of her degrees. Currently pursuing a 500-hour certification, she was a yogini before yoga was cool. She invented the low back tattoo, as well as second lunch.

She is deeply flawed and terribly whimsical.

She currently feeds her soul by doing editor in chiefly things at Some Talk of You & Me, and assistant editor in chiefly things at Rebelle Society. During her downtime, she enjoys slow and juicy yoga, discovering new worlds in the words, traveling to wild places on whims, and stirring the world awake. Dream big. Be bigger.

You can find her at Some Talk of You & Me , at Rebelle Society, or on facebook