Maya Fiennes: from classical pianist to transformational guru.

Macedonian born Maya has combined her talents as a successful classical pianist and performer with her upbeat personality, culminating in a unique style of yoga and meditation for modern living. Maya’s revolutionary style of yoga is based on the Kundalini Yoga tradition. Her visible philosophy of good health and living with inner peace and confidence, have made her one of the most in-demand yoga instructors in Europe. Her classes are fun, uplifting and above all inspirational.

Maya has grown far beyond the yoga studio, taking her teachings across various mediums, including TV, DVD, CD, events, workshops, retreats and merchandise.

In 2009, Maya relocated to Los Angeles, to share her teaching and further her possibilities as a world-renowned Kundalini yoga teacher and transformational guide.

Maya uses her original music in her classes. A true performer, Maya takes every opportunity to give her students the tools for transformation accompanied by a soundtrack for their lives.



Maya is available for private sessions. She also performs workshops all over the world. Please stay updated on the website.



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