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SoulFeed Podcast: Process the Presidential Election Results With Us

by SoulFeed on December 13, 2016
Shannon Algeo and Alex Kip discuss unity during our political transition.
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Alex Kip: True Power Is Inner Strength

by SoulFeed on November 11, 2016
Alex Kip discusses insidious ways we're giving our power away and what we can do to hold on to it.
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Kate Werning: Practice Mindful Politics This Election

by SoulFeed on October 14, 2016
Listen to this podcast to learn how we can powerfully and mindfully engage in the political process this election season.
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Erica Mather: How to Adore Your Body (Podcast)

by SoulFeed on September 12, 2016
Yoga and body image expert Erica Mather helps us develop a practice of accepting the body is our ally and not our enemy.
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Deepak Chopra Reveals His Biggest Secret (Podcast)

by SoulFeed on August 15, 2016
In this podcast, Deepak Chopra discusses consciousness, the fear of death, and other yogic philosophy.
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Seane Corn: How Your Wound Becomes Your Purpose (Podcast)

by SoulFeed on July 15, 2016
Listen in as Seane Corn shares how trauma has informed her journey in this SoulFeed Podcast.
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Gabby Bernstein: Own Your Power as a Leader (Podcast)

by SoulFeed on June 17, 2016
Listen to this SoulFeed Podcast to learn how to access the confidence to truly own your voice and share your story with the world.
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