#YogaMenMonday: Yoga Leg Day for Bros - Dynamic Lunges

There are many ways to build strength in yoga.

One way is to flow with your breath in a more dynamic flow. Another is to hold poses for an extended amount of time. For men, it is important to do both. When it comes to dynamic movements, make sure you deepen your breath and move in slow-motion as if you were under water.

Here are two variations of dynamic lunges that you can incorporate in your yoga routine to work your legs. Think of it as leg-day yoga style.

“Knee-to-Chest” Dynamic Lunge

This lunge flow takes some coordination and balance. It is also a nice way to strengthen your core once you are confident in the movement. Start in a lunge with your front knee bent to a square over your ankle and your back foot vertical. Straighten your back leg, square your hips and shoulders to the front edge of your mat and reach your arms overhead.

As you exhale, shift weight into your front foot and spring off your back foot, bringing your back knee to your chest. At the same time, straighten your front leg and bring your elbows alongside your body and make fists with your hands. Inhale, slowly step your lifted foot all the way back to lunge, and stretch your arms back overhead. Make sure you move carefully and keep your front knee aligned and pointing straight forward over your front foot.

“Lower The Back Knee” Dynamic Lunge

Start in a high lunge with your hands on your hips. make sure your front foot points straight forward and your knee points the same direction as your foot. As you exhale, slowly lower your back knee to hover off the floor. Inhale, straighten your back leg completely. Keep your hips and shoulders square towards the front edge of your mat.