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YOGANONYMIX | Free downloadable Yoga Playlists!

We are committed to being the most fresh and legit resource for today’s modern day yoga and wellness enthusiast – keeping you in the flow with the most up to date information, news, and updates from the wild world of yoga and beyond.

Do you like music? Like, really good, soul inspiring, booty shaking, love making, karma breaking music? Yeah, we thought so. Better than that, we love pumping our favorite jams and yoga music during our practices and work-outs. What’s that? You do as well? Oh, well, we thought so.

Below you will find our take on the age-old “yoga playlist” entitled YOGANONYMIX, our own YOGANONYMOUS inspired yoga playlists available here to you and your crew for free download.

These YOGANONYMIXes are for promotional use only and are not for resale. They are for the enjoyment of you, your kula, your friends, and family – feel free to spread the love. Each YOGANONYMIX is set to fit the pace and rhythms of an energetic Vinyasa Flow class, they each run at about an hour and twenty minutes in total.

free yoga playlists

Artists range from Jai Uttal to Jay-Z, Krishna Das to Pink Floyd, LCD Soundsystem to Aphex Twin, Theivery Corporation to Radiohead, Dr. Dre to Sublime, The Pixies, Marvin Gaye, AIR, The Grateful Dead, and all points in between. Feel free to download theses mixes and spread the love to your crew…bump them during your next yoga class, at home during personal practice, next time you go for a run or hit the gym for a workout, hiking in the mountains, partying down with you friends, and wherever else you may feel inspired.

Click on the links below for more information and to download our yoga music:

The running time of this mix is one hour and twenty-two minutes and showcases a mellow opening section with ambient tracks from Aphex Twin, a more fast paced and up-beat middle section featuring tracks from Damian Marley, Booka Shade, Jai Uttal, and world music sensation Issa Bagayogo; amazing selections from Wah!, Radiohead, and Booka Shade along the way, and a replenishing Savasna compliments of John de Kadt and Steve Gorn.

To name a few, this mix warms up with some great ethereal tracks from Air and Boards of Canada then slips into some straight funk compliments of Thievery Corporation; a smooth transition in the flow with Aphex Twin and Modest Mouse, and smooth landing featuring Pink Floyd fading into a lush ambient soundscape for Savasana.

YOGANONYMIX Volume 3 (Coachella)
This playlist is one that we made special for our classes at 2010’s Coachella Music Festival. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, we were fortunate enough to lead YOGANONYMOUS Coachella Yoga at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this past April in beautiful Indo, California. On this mix there are several tracks featured by a number of the artists who performed at 2010’s Coachella such as Thom Yorke (Radiohead), GorillazLCD SoundsystemThe XX, and even your boy Jay-Z, as well as plenty of other blissful beats mixed in – Enjoy.

Okay, so we thought that Volumes 1-3 were pretty damn good, but Volume 4 is no joke, for real. Getting the prana flowing early with some of our favorite producers in the world like Booka Shade and Simon Posford/Raja Ram project Shpongle, followed up by an epic Jay-Z & Grateful Dead mashup, The Pixies, AIR, and even some dub-steppy goodness from our boy Starkey. Sri Sri Sri Bob Dylan even makes his first ever YOGANONYMIX cameo appearance towards the cool down section of the playlist. Check this one out, for real. Happy summer ya’ll.

YOGANONYMIX Volume 5 (Hip-Hop)
This yoga inspired playlist clocks in at one hour and seventeen minutes and is set to fit the flow of a typical vinyasa class. This special “Hip-Hop” yoganonymix is a compilation of some of our favorite tracks from Dan Wilf’s Hip/Hop Yoga Practice workshops from November 2010.  Lose yourself in the dope beats of Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, and Warren G; dive deep with old school bangers by Nas, Slick Rick, and Naughty by Nature; and of course we’ve got some MC Yogi in the house plus a very special EarthRise Soundsystem remix of Jivamukti co-founder Sharon Gannon’s track entitled “Govinda Fly”. Turn it up, ground it down, breathe it in, radiate it out.

Released for Spring 2011, Volume 6 kicks off with a special mashup-up opening track featuring Aphex Twin w/ the mantra for purification being chanted by none other than Sri Dharma Mittra. After that the mix features the etherial tones from the likes of Air and R0yksopp, some feel good tracks from Bob Marley, Sublime, and Marvin Gaye, a selection from the newest Radiohead album, and some choice cuts from The Pixies, Mazzy Star and more before sliding in to home base for a smooth savasana landing. Looking to welcome the blossoming of spring into your own life? This mix is for you.

YOGANONYMIX | DJ Hyfi’s “Tribal Electricity”

This mix comes to you from our resident yogic-DJ and mixologist DJ HyFi! Hyfi Kicks off this mix with a bit of tribal sound from Archetribe, moving quickly into some moderate tempo tracks from producers like Tycho, Lusine, and Massive Attack, perfect for busting out some sun salutations. As we flow further down the river, we’ll come across some funky trip-hop flavor from Afro-Mystic, Pretty Lights, Boozoo Bajou and more. Sliding into some atmospheric to wrap up the mix and carry you off to savasana.

YOGANONYMIX | DJ Hyfi Summer 2011

Here’s what Hyfi has to say about this great summer-time mix: After a busy start to the year, I had some time off the road to hang in Philly, my new home base. I think this mix catches some of that laid back summer vibe, something to chill to, and recharge your battery. It peaks around the middle with some more upbeat tunes for those who are tearing it up on the mat. You’ll find some Pretty Lights, Bonobo, Jon Kennedy, Bluetech, Deadbeats and many other electronic artists. Hope to see you all this summer!” -DJ Hyfi

***Stay tuned for more YOGANOYMIXes to be released here in the days to come***



Dan first stepped on the mat to find some balance in his “Rock & Roll” lifestyle and became instantly hooked. When he is not beaking away at his laptop, Dan can be found teaching yoga, traveling the world, eating and drinking his way through NYC, and enjoying the most out of every moment.

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