YOGANONYMOUS Weekend Picks: November 11-13

Namaste, loves. 

It’s times like these that focusing on our practice and nurturing ourselves and those around us becomes increasingly important. There are some great festivals, workshops, and classes happening this weekend that will help you to wind down after this stressful time and connect with your beautiful, resilient self. 

Hollywood, Florida

Friday, November 11 - Monday, November 14
Yoga Journal Live is heading to Florida this weekend! Events will be taking place at a variety of studios across the state, from business of yoga to inversions workshops. Yoga Journal Live offers classes, workshops, and trainings with renowned teachers from across the globe including Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Jessamyn Stanley, and many more. 

The event will take place at the Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood. Free community events and free Yoga Market also available. Whether you’re new to yoga or you’re an advanced practitioner, you’re sure to delve deeper into your practice and explore new realms with this vibrant community of yogis.
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Studio City, California

Friday, November 11
Join Kimberly Rosenberg at Electric Soul Yoga Studio for a Yin Yoga Immersion workshop this Friday night! Yin Yoga is a series of passive postures which target the connective tissue to increase mobility in the joints and allow us to release physical and mental tension and get deeper into postures. It helps to balance our energies, calm the body and mind, regulate energy, and protect our bodies. 

This workshop is open to practitioners of all levels. Rosenberg will provide tools and guidance to help you to access your truest, most relaxed and radiant self!
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Dallas, Texas

Saturday, November 12
Are you a yoga instructor? Head to The Mat Yoga Studio in Dallas for an assisting and prop exploration workshop led by Brook Cheatham! Assists are a vital part of the teaching practice and can help students to access poses with more integrity and proper alignment. A yoga teacher must be confident when giving assists, and this workshop will help you to build up that skill set!

Assists are a gift and can help students to break through physical and emotional barriers. In this workshop you will also learn about proper prop placement which can help students with specific needs to access and receive the benefits of a pose. Brook will walk you through adjustments and techniques to assess and connect with the energetic and physical bodies, and guide you through ways in which to relate to your students in a safe and professional manner.
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Seattle, Washington

Saturday, November 12
Head to the Talaris Center this Saturday for a Full Day Niyama Workshop focused on dismantling your inner critic! Yoga teacher and energy medicine practitioner will lead you through the steps toward self-acceptance and diminished stress. The workshop will be playful and interactive and provides a space for creative exploration.

Niyamas are a fundamental component of the yoga practice and translates to observances. They are essentially daily practices to achieve a liberated, enlightened state of existence. This workshop will help you to raise awareness of your mind’s habitual nature, and to release from attachment and move toward self-love.
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Brooklyn, New York

Sunday, November 13
Join Rachelle Robinett at Shaktibarre Studio in Brooklyn for Herbalism 101! Learn how to make a variety of homemade remedies, as well as the benefits of different herbs, tinctures, teas, and essential oils.

You will leave with your own dream satchel and skin oil. If you’ve ever been interested in the benefits of natural remedies and how to incorporate them into your daily routine, this workshop is for you!
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Austin, Texas

Sunday, November 13
Join Collette at Wanderlust Austin for a restorative workshop this Sunday evening! Accompaniment by singer Drew Davis. Reconnect with your inner bliss and revive your body and mind!

Restorative yoga is a series of long, therapeutic poses with the use of props to release tension and reset the nervous system. All are welcome, no experience necessary! This workshop is the perfect way to reboot your body for a new week.
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Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Sunday, November 13 - Sunday, November 20
Sat Nam Fest Kundalini and music festival begins this Sunday. Sat Nam is a Kundalini Yoga Festival, and provides a space to delve into transformation and rejuvenation practices. Engage in sacred chants, let your creativity soar and get in touch with your true self! 

All are welcome at the festival, whether you have practiced Kundalini Yoga before or not. A plethora of workshops, classes, and events will be offered for all levels with a variety of renowned teachers. There’s something for everyone at Sat Nam, whether you’re looking to move your body in a class set to live music, sit for meditation, or dance on the beach.
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