YOGAWOMAN | Love Yourself in 2014


LOVE YOURSELF IN 2014: be inspired by the award winning movie YOGAWOMAN

One of the great hurdles for women is taking time to look after our selves. Making a deep commitment to nourish one self physically, spiritually and intellectually is a yogic practice that requires discipline and practice.

To succeed it is important to create a supportive environment; a quiet space, a mentor, a like-minded community to remind one another of the deep significance of self-love.

A sweet support for women on this yogic quest is watching the award-winning movie YOGAWOMAN.


YOGAWOMAN celebrates the powerful work women are doing by sharing the practice of yoga. This quiet revolution brews in yoga studios, hospitals and living rooms around the globe. In record numbers women are discovering their own strength, vitality, peace and power through yoga. Reclaiming this ancient spiritual path from its traditionally male form, the result is a radical transformation of modern yoga as we know it.

Through rich personal stories YOGAWOMAN reveals how yoga has utterly transformed the lives of millions of over-stimulated, overscheduled multitasking modern women.

YOGAWOMAN bears witness to millions of women who have integrated yoga into their daily lives so they are happier, healthier and more fulfilled - allowing them to give back to others with full hearts and creative minds.

In intimate interviews with the world’s leading experts YOGAWOMAN is the first film of its kind to bring together these luminaries, distilling their wisdom and spreading their message of peace and empowerment for the benefit of women everywhere.


To Support your Journey in 2014 watch:

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