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Suspension Yoga: Have you ever wondered what it is like to hang upside down?

Suspension yoga allows the body to be fully supported while holding inverted and standing positions. While some postures such as downward facing dog involve partial support of the sling, others like baddha konasana, and even savasana, can be supported by 100% of the fabric.

There are a number of advantages to Suspension Yoga over regular "on the mat" yoga, which include a deeper stretch in certain poses, and being able to release and decompress the neck and the spine, that, in some instances, can relieve chronic pain. Many people with arthritis issues in the back, neck or other joints, have felt relief from pain through Suspension Yoga because of the support the inversion sling brings to the body. Inversion therapy is the safest, quickest and most effective way to increase the space between your vertebrae. Numerous clinical studies published in reputable medical journals have confirmed that inversion really does increase the separation between the discs of the spine, which brings relief from back pain.


The Yogena Inversion Sling The sole act of hanging upside down on an inversion sling unloads the spine: thus relieving pressure on nerve roots due to poor postural habits, lack of proper stretching & exercise and the effects of gravity and our own body weight. Check out the Yogena Inversion Sling from Yogena International. The sling is available at a promotional price of $99 through their Kickstarter campaign here. Made from parachute nylon, the Yogena Inversion Sling can be used for:

- Inversion Therapy

- Lumbar-Pelvic Traction

- Spinal Decompression

- Home Rehab for Musculo-Skeletal Injuries 

- Self-Manipulation of Spine

- Suspension Fitness

- Suspension Yoga

- Home Physical Therapy

- Pilates Training

- Stress Management

- Relaxation


The Yogena Inversion Sling allows you to suspend in an inverted position with your pelvis and leg muscles bearing your body weight. This position eliminates all gravitational compression. It is a patent pending recreational hammock & inversion sling that can be used as a yoga prop or suspension trainer and can be used indoors or outdoors. The hammock weights only 5 lbs, comes with its own bag and can be set up in less than 2 minutes on any support beam or two points that are strong enough to hold your weight.

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Yogena International

3109 Grand Ave #176

Miami, FL 33133

(305) 203-0002


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