Year in Review: Top 12 YOGANONYMOUS Posts of 2012 | Bonus: Biggest 'Yoga' News Stories This Year

2012 has been a hell of a year—with more peaks and valleys than the Rocky Mountains.

We've witnessed natural disasters, unemployment, protests, a crazy presidential campaign and more recently one of the worst school shootings in Sand Hook, CT ever—amongst a slew of other events and happenings. One thing that has remained steady though is our practice, dedication and commitment to making the world around us a better place, and we are so grateful for each and everyone of you who are right there with us—your support has been the highlight of our year.

With the New Year literally right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to reflect on some of the amazing content that has come our way this past year.

We've had some seriously amazing blog posts and we are super grateful for our unbelievable community and the continuous hard work of our incredible writers. Some of these posts are on this list because they rank somewhere in the top 10 most page views for the year, and some of them are on this list just because they are totally kick ass.

Check 'em out, read 'em and if you've already read 'em and love 'em as much as we do, share 'em up:

Yoga Ariport: The Perfect Post Burning Man Practice (Video)

We relied a lot on social media this year, and we found this vid on Facebook via yogini Meghan Currie. You guys must have loved it as much as we did because it's been viewed tens of thousands of times. Meghan's beautiful practice is captured perfectly in this video, and we can't get enough of it.

Yoga Playlist: Lost in Space

We've had so many stellar playlists cross our paths this year, this list would not be complete without mentioning at least one. This playlist, via YOGANONYMOUS author Chris Calarco seems to be the majority favorite, and rightfully so with tracks from Pink Floyd, Blind Pilot, Bob Marley, Desert Dwellers—just to name a few.


Eight Benefits of Hot Yoga

We didn't realize how many hot yogis we had in the house until this post was blasted through cyberspace over and over again making it an instant YOGANONYMOUS classic. What is it they say about sweat? It isn't sweat but total awesomeness dripping out of your body?

13 Cute Words & Crotchy Phrases We Yoga Teachers Need to Retire

We've got tons of love for YOGANONYMOUS writer Hally Marlino. Hally kept it real with her tongue-in-cheek humor and all of her posts are like chapters out of a can't-put-it-down book. Her specific brand of wordsmithery is so appreciated, and this post—her first on our site—definitely earned it's spot on this list: "Darth Vader called, he wants his breath back, CYT / RYT. The force is not witchu’."

Yoga Research: 5 Proven Facts that Make Yoga Awesome

You know we have to say, we have yet to see a post that does as well as this one does when we share it. It must have been shared on Facebook hundreds of times, and for good reason. Ashley Josephine does a kick ass job of presenting us with facts about yoga's total goodness. **Spoiler Alert** Yoga makes you young. Fact.

10 Things I Want My Yoga Students to Know

Stephanie Carter is another YOGANONYMOUS writer who had some big hits this year. The Yogi’s Guide to Staying Sane During Election Season | The Brahmaviharas and Yoga Philosophy You Can Use: Yamas 101 are two other well known pieces via Steph, amongst many others that the community showed it's famous love for. But this post was shown the most love—it was so well received by y'all that it has earned a spot on the top 10 list of the most page views ever on our site.

Your Questions Answered: An Interview With Sri Dharma Mittra | Part One

We have so enjoyed featuring the authentic writing of Dharma Mittra on our site this year, but this two part interview was a big hit with y'all. We are so grateful for the opportunity to provide you with Dharma's wisdom and incredibly humbled to be able to spread his good word around.

My Love Affair With Yoga: How Yoga is like a Long Term Relationship

Yogini Angela Kukhahn has provided us with a plethora of amazing content over the years, but this post hit the mark amongst our audience in a big way. She beautifully relays how many of us feel about our beloved practice, the good and the not so good alike: "Oh sure, there are days I am so frustrated I want to swear it off all together. We have our fights. No relationship is entirely drama free."

Change Everything (Literally Everything) Today with this Simple Compassion Practice

One of the reasons we love YOGANONYMOUS writer and author Chris Grosso is because he has a way of making timeless spiritual practices relatable and current. Never afraid to throw a bit of his own story in there, Chris is super dedicated to showing the world how well these teachings work. Another fav of ours, Transforming Sh!tty Self Worth Through the 7 Steps of Loving-Kindness.

Meditation is the Medication

Unglued from your worries, attachments and fears,

Seeing the blessing in everything as your mind becomes clear.

So clear you begin to see what was in front of your face,

God is in everything, in all times and space.

That's just a small piece of the beautiful poem Brad Morris begins this post with and really it speaks for itself.

8 Ways to Start and Sustain a Yoga Practice

Yoga blew up this year! And it doesn't look like it's going to slow down anytime soon. Thankfully Adri Kyser was thoughtful enough to put together this sweet beginners post for anyone and everyone who wants to develop a yoga practice like we all know and love—and from the looks of it, she's helped thousands of aspiring yogis.

There were so many incredible posts this year, it was hard to narrow it down to only 12, so we also want to share a few more big to-do's in our community from the past year—think of it as some of the top 'yoga' news of 2012, meaning they were big stories that made their rounds:

Announcement—John Friend is Back from Hiatus and Ready to Teach!

Marijuana & Yoga Making Headlines Again

Should You Give Up Altogether? | How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body via NY Times

Star Wars Yoga: Art by Rob Osborne

Court Rules: Yoga Belongs to Everybody, Bikram Cannot Copyright Asana Sequence

The Importance of 12/12/12 | A 'Portal' Day

Top 5 Things I've Learned from Hurricane Sandy | Kristin McGee

Can You Orgasm Your Way to Enlightenment?

What Your Yoga Teacher Read this Summer

How Many Lady Parts Does it Take to Build a Yoga Motorcycle

The New Age Dating Game The Big Coconut Water Lie

Alice Van Ness "Facebook Yoga Teacher": "Turn off your phone and turn on your life."

The "Crazy Busy" Hysteria

10 Things Obamacare Actually Does For You. Happy Obamacare Day?

John Friend's Final Fall From Grace

Venus Transit 2012, the Video

Yoga Raves, A New Sensation?

Barack Obama: Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal (Video)

Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys Dead at Age 47

Piers Morgan's Interview with the Dalai Lama: Temptation, the Instability of Marriage & George Bush (Video)

Getting Naked for Yoga?

Quite Possibly the Biggest Poster of the Year:


Did we miss anything you thought should be on this list? What are your 2013 resolutions and intentions? Let us know below. Here's to a healthy, happy, safe and prosperous New Year. 2013 here we come!