Yoloha Cork Yoga Mats: A Yogis Dream Mat (Exclusive Savings)

Cork - a natural solution for a slippery practice.

Most modern yogis also use natural materials for their mats – from cotton to jute and natural rubber – but may have issues with staying still during practice and require non-slip solutions so they're not screaming “Nama-Stay” during downward facing dog. Enter a new natural material: cork.

The concept for the Yoloha mat started from Chris Willey, a long-time surfer and surfboard board maker. Chris had been using cork on the decks of the boards he created which provided a greater grip when they got wet. So, when he found himself slipping out of a sweaty down dog on a plastic mat, his thoughts naturally flowed to cork as a solution.

Bringing the first prototype cork mats into his local studio, he knew he was onto something special when the teachers would grab the cork mats before any students could get their hands on them.  Since then Yoloha has grown throughout the yoga community developing a strong following with both students and teachers.

What benefits does a Yoloha cork yoga mat have over the seamlessly endless choices for yoga mats?

Cork is comprised of Suberin, a wax-like natural substance that becomes grippier when wet. No need for a yoga towel, really! Plus, unlike other mats designed for hot yoga, the cork yoga mat doesn’t take weeks to break in…it gets grippier the first drip of sweat.

Don’t worry about it becoming a breeding ground for germs or bad smells, unlike most synthetic materials used in yoga mats, cork is antimicrobial and contains zero PVC’s or harmful chemicals.

The bottom of the mat is made with recycled tires.  Allowing the mat to lay flat, never slide and zero nasty rubber smells.

Yoloha’s yoga mats are built to last decades, not years, and won’t rot or breakdown. They back this up with a lifetime guarantee.

Added bonus, the cork mat is 100% recyclable and cork trees are one of the most sustainable plants on Earth, as just a few layers of the bark are removed every nine years, allowing it to grow back and be re-harvested, so no plants are harmed in the production of the cork. Yoloha mats are American made and comes with a hemp carrying strap.

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