Your Yoga Teacher Loves It When You Do These 5 Things in Class

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As a yoga teacher, there are a few questions and statements I hear over and over again: "I’m sooo inflexible” is definitely an uncontestable winner. But there are also certain things that make my heart cheer up a little bit more (and makes me like my students a tiny bit extra, if that's possible). 

1. When you smile.

I know you’re relaxed and at the same time focused. I understand that resting b*tch face is a real and serious thing. But getting a hint of a smile makes me feel that I’m not completely off base with what I’m teaching you. This might be a cultural thing though, since people in my country generally avoid smiling at strangers. This is because it might creep people out and leave them thinking that you are drunk—or maybe just a little crazy. No—I’m not exaggerating. This is a real thing. Don’t even get me started on the small talk, because there is none. Ever.

2. When you sigh.

I sometimes ask my students to let it all out by sighing or exhaling deeply. Calling attention to yourself by making weird noises can be a little awkward, so when I hear students sighing, it tells me that I’ve created a safe place for them to let go without thinking about other people and what’s going on on their mats and in their minds.

3. When you bring your own mat and props.

It might sound a little superficial and materialistic, but it shows me that you are committed to the practice. When you are on your own mat it becomes easier for me to convey the idea of non-comparison where I often refer to your mat as your space. It’s just easier if it actually is your mat.

4. When you ask relevant questions.

By this, I mean anything yoga related: About asanas, alignment, mantras, props, meditation techniques. You name it. I love to stay and chat about these things after class! Just don’t ask me why you’ve had a stomach ache all day. My best guess would be that funky spring roll you had last night. I’m not a doctor.

5. When you give feedback after class.

Did you hate those extra minutes in frog pose? Well, if you don’t tell me, how will I know? (I can guess though, no one likes frog pose). As a yoga teacher, I’m here for you, which means I’m flexible (pun intended) and will tailor the class to my students. Sometimes I might leave you in an uncomfortable position a little too long for your liking, but overall, you should enjoy the class.

As a yoga teacher, what do you appreciate hearing from your students? Share in the comments below!

2016 08 09

Camilla is native to Sweden, but loves visiting Seattle, WA whenever possible. She teaches Vinyasa Flow and Virya yoga in Stockholm and has a profound interest in holistic health. When not teaching, practicing, or spending time in the forrest by her house, she does event coordination and marketing.